Colloidal silver for making feminised seeds

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  1. HI guys.

    I have read on a lot of places today that the coloidal silver can be used for changing the sex of the plants.
    Sample example:
    How to make your own feminized seeds using Colloidal Silver or Rodelization (also learn how to make colloidal silver spray) | Grow Weed Easy

    This all seems to be very interesting, but I have one big question here:

    1. Lets assume we change the sex of our females. We make them to produce male pollens. And we fertilate them with pollesns.
    OK, the question is: after tuning female into male will not we loose all of our harvest?? And will be these plants be able to produce buds which to smoke later?
    Because all we know that male plants do not worth and do not produce enough big buds. Or they will become hermaphrodites, not males and will produce good harvest again? Anyone who has tried that, lets say if the harvest is gone and if the females that are turned into males can be used, please!

    I have also another question here.. Actually I got onto that in google, because today I bought some colidal silver to treat my mold. I know it is the most efficient fungicid against molds. I would like to ask you if anyone has tried it and with what effect. Also, please, suggest any other antimolds, please.

    Thank you very much in advance!!!
  2. ive had a hermaphrodite once before on an outdoor crop. we did our best to pick off the balls before they opened but the yield of the plant was lower than most of the others. not sure about the colidal silver but i hope that helps
  3. Colloidal silver doesn't turn a female plant into a male, it turns some of a female plant's flowers into male flowers, big difference. Only the ones you want.
  4. ^^ This. If you have a multi - branched plant, spraying colloidal silver on an isolated branch will only cause the affected area to hermi, not the entire plant.

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