Colloidal silver and feminised seed questions please help

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  1. I am very interested in the processes of making feminized pollen....Please guide me to the resources I need . If you have experience in this process then please share with me how you go about making the 30 ppm colloidal silver that is recommended and what equipment is best to make the colloidal silver... I also need information on how to apply it.. From what I have read you must use a 30 ppm solution on a female plant drenching it once a day for two weeks or until the female plant starts to produce pollen sacks. You then polinate another female.plant with this pollen to produce seeds that have around a 99% female population. \t\t\t\t\t\t
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    Sounds like your already on your way...just do a little more homework before you take the plunge.

    Btw-I have been using a 10 or 15ppm Colloidal Silver, I forget the manufacturer.

    The recommended PPM's is 30, but when you get to the heart of the matter, what TRULY matters is BIO-AVAILABILITY. This boils down to, essentially, the quality of the colloidal silver solution.

    In other words, the more consistent and finer silver ions, the better the plant is able to use efficiently, and therefore, produce the "feminized" pollen. Many small particles have much more surface area than a few large particles. Of course you'll need an electron magnetic scope to see the difference but it is there.

    Don't fall into the logic that if 30ppm solution works good, then 60ppm will be better. Not that you are, just that even some 100+ppm solutions have less BIO-AVAILABILITY than other lower ppm solutions.

    Best of Luck

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