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Colleges ignorance towards medical marijuana

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by purple grapes, May 13, 2011.

  1. Drug Policy (Student Conduct Policy #3)


    Except as legally prescribed, drugs are prohibited. Additionally, the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of any controlled substance, including marijuana, is prohibited.


    Prescriptions for medical marijuana do not exempt individuals from compliance with University policies or laws related to smoking or drug use. Specifically, California law does not allow individuals to smoke or otherwise use medically prescribed marijuana in any area where smoking is prohibited and within 1000 feet of any school.


    Students should note that law enforcement officers, including staff of the Department of Public Safety, in a manner consistent with laws applicable to their respective function, have a legal right to search any and all buildings on the campus without prior notice to anyone at the University.

    So every prescription drug is allowed except marijuana? Even though marijuana can't even be prescribed.....
  2. I don't interpret that the same way.

    If you have a valid recommendation then your possession/use of marijuana is not unlawful in California.

    Even when not in a California college or university you cannot smoke medical marijuana in any area where smoking is prohibited. Furthermore "school" in the law usually refers to K-12.

    That's my interpretation anyway. This policy statement seems pretty much in line with Prop 215/SB 420.
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    yeah i know,but ya,that's how it is,they need to change marijuana's schedule from 1 to schedule 4,that would help a lot.

    oh wait,ocsurfer broke it down,makes sense to me
  4. Sitting around while you play with your Wii, or even griping about the way things are with the dudes at GC, isn't going to change things!

    You do want to change things, right?

    So create a small revolution at your college! :eek:

    Get a copy of my List (see my sig) and start distributing it among your friends at school! Make a print-up and plunk it down on the Dean's desk, asking why such a safe and effective herbal medicine is banned! (Or just mail it to him anonymously if you are worried about retribution.) Make another print-up and leave it in the school lounge! One kid left it in the lounge as loose pages with the URL for the list and the words "TAKE ONE" . He said they disappeared rapidly. :D

    The trouble is that the college President, Dean and all the rest of them, don't know what cannabis can do! :confused: They have swallowed the government line that cannabis has no real medical value! So show them! :hello: (It's always a blast when you can correct your teachers! :devious: And you have the scientific studies to prove it! :yay: )

    I don't think you will be able to get them to lift the "no smoking on campus", since that is written into the laws (but they can be amended). But their attitude toward medical use needs to be changed, and CAN be changed.

    Most folks won't change their mind about medical cannabis- until it gets personal. But- one in three Americans will face cancer. Diabetes is at "epidemic proportions". Parkinson's, osteoporosis, and arthritis are common in our aging population. And we all fear Alzheimer's! Cannabis has been shown to be effective in treating all of those conditions- so, sadly, "getting personal" isn't that hard!

    Once they make the connection in their brains, that cannabis IS medicine that can help treat THEIR ailment, things should loosen up.

    Education paves the road to legalization!


    Granny :wave:

    ps- My List makes a great place to start doing a paper on MMJ!

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