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  1. I started my first college class the being of this summer. me being a stoner since highschool i went to all my lectures stoned, did all of my quizzes stoned, wrote my final essay stoned, and went to sleep through all the movies. I passed with a C and ive never looked at the inside pages of the book.

    But hey you cant judge me.... I did learn something this summer... I learned I damn sure dont want to be a movie director.
  2. ye wuteva daz coo
  3. Terrible attitude. I'm not special, but I went to my whole first year of college stoned, wrote exams stoned, studied stoned, etc. I got 3.45 gpa average, and had 3.65 (honors) the second semester.

    But you sound pretty content with a C.
  4. yeah honestly it has nothing to do with pot. Ive always been that way. i dont try hard unless its something that i really care about.
  5. im the same way. made straigt C's tru highschool. never went to college. now im 24, own several succesful buissnesses, and i work like 1 hour a week making around 300,000 a year. fuck college. fuck high school too. ive never had to use that mind fucking algebra\geometry shit in real life. and if i ever need to, i can afford a calculator lol.
  6. Fuck yeah dude and dont get me wrong obviously if i go though life with no goals then it would be the same if i did 1000 hours of college and never looked for a job. Im just doing what i do and so far its working out for me.
  7. hell yea. the systems fucked up beyond repair. i know guys with college degrees that cant get jobs. the key to surviving in this day and age is being creative and using that creativity to accomplish your goals. i might go to college to major in philosophy one day tho.
  8. telling girls that you went to college to be a philosopher will probably get you laid in any county. good choice
  9. smoking nakes me love learning
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    Why bother going to college to study something you don't care about at all ?
    College is expensive, It's much more worth your time and money to study something you're atleast a little bit passionate about.
  11. Congratulations, 300th post:)
  12. Invest a little more effort. It's way too obvious that you don't pay for your classes.

    Not like I'm talking shit or a 4.0 student but I do have at least a 3.2 overall.

    I just wouldn't want you to look back and regret putting in half effort.
    but congrats on a C if that is what you aim for.

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