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  1. Damn i gotta decide by may 1st where to go to college and i'm having a tough time of it. How did you all decide where to go? I've got three choices, two of them about 2 hours drive from home, and one about a 4 hour plane ride from home. Two are in kinda small/medium towns, and the one that is far away is surrounded by some fuckin beautiful mountains, but its also hella expensive. So how did you all decide where to go? And please share where you are currently going if you're not too paranoid about it.
  2. go somewhere cheap cos private schoosl are rip offs. dont burden yourself with heavy loans if you dont have to.
  3. My first years of college were far away from home. And when you first get away from home, you'll find that there is money for having fun on the weekends, but when it comes to eating food on Wednesday or Thursday, you come to find out your pockets can't afford much in the way of food. I seemed to live on Ramen noodles and and toast sandwiches ( Piece of toast between two pieces of bread ) for about a year or so. After I attended school closer to home, when I was hungry I could always stop by the old homestead for a quick meal. I didn't get much in the way of financial support from the family, because they didn't have it to give. If money isn't a problem for you, I would pick the school that will give you the best education.

    Good luck with your schooling, and I'm sure if you look inside yourself, you'll know which school is right for YOU!
  4. dont turn into me......... i smoke pot everyday, drop all but one class, spend oodles of money on food, and go to the student union every other day to watch kill bill 1 and big fish for free in the theater.
  5. go close to home its only 4 more'll have the next like 50 after that to go where you please on your own.
  6. I'm from Nashville and went to UT Knoxville. It's two and a half hours away, which is far enough to be free, but close enough to run home and see friends. Plus, I have mountains like 45 minutes away. It's a great place to be. Wherever you go, you'll want to go somewhere with a real town or city right there or near by. I have friends going places where the nearest town is 30 minutes away. They can never really do shit. Mostly, just visit each one and decide what fits you best.
  7. /\
    you should break in and get all that gold
  8. :p knoxville :D hahah.

    i dont think theres any in the school though bud :p

    personally, id start out close to home. take one of the 2 hours schools, whichever has a better feel to it when you go (you should DEFINATELY check them out if you havent already, walk around the whole campus, maybe talk to a few students, see whats up.)
  9. yeah fort knox, I think there is supposed to be billions in there.
  10. Toast sandwiches? Holy crap!
  11. yeah, um, fort knox isn't in knoxville. Fort Sanders is. Don't ask.
  12. I'm not in college yet, senior in high school, but I just made my decision. I'm going to school in Boston. The area is awesome, so thats good. The schools real small, which can be a bad thing, but the small class sizes are perfect for me so I don't slack off. And even though the schools small, theres so many people in Boston, and like 300,000 college students. The schools a five hour drive from home, and I can't bring my car, so I have to either fly, ride the bus, or take the train home, which can be a hassle, but thats not that big of a deal. It's a private school, and since my mom works at a private school also, I got tuition exchange (the school pays for my tuition, and this one even paid for my room and board also). So that definately influenced my decision. I guess just go where you feel comfortable. Good luck with your decision man.
  13. I'm going to a community college close to home so I can just stay at home until I can afford my own place. The classes are really inexpensive, so I'm gonna take basic courses, get them out of the way, then transfer to another college a year or two after that. I don't want to spend more money than I really have to just to get an education.....
  14. Well I slacked off hardcore all throughout high school so I kind of knew I was going to community college. :p But hell I don't mind it at all, I'm getting the same information I need and I'm paying alot less and if I keep up my grades I can transfer after next year and graduate by 2007. :D

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