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  1. Hey, whatsup? I'm 18, bout to start like 3 weeks.:eek: i cant believe it's coming so soon. Just wondering where everyone else goes to college? i'm going to loyola maryland.
  2. I go to a college in VA.
    I remember being in your position last summer.. damn that shit flew by.
    Can barely remember what happened :D

    Awesome times.
  3. U Illinois fosho
  4. just finished at U of MD in CP. College is fun, be careful who your friends are and keep an open mind. Oh, and classes aren't that bad, if you show up and you're not retarded you'll pass.
  5. South Florida baby.

    No seriously, I said that like it's appealing, get me the fuck out of here.
  6. i really am so excited...but I know it'll go fast. I feel like the last four years of high school whizzed by, I can only imagine college doing the same thing. Well i'll enjoy it while it lasts :cool:
  7. I go to UMBC in Maryland. My first year was extremely fast, hold on tightly for the ride.
  8. i go to University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

    this'll be my 2nd year.

    you'll get over that scared stage. i'm SO READY to go back to school.
  9. I will be going to University of Maryland-University College here in Germany. Then hopefully transferring to Washington State University the year after.
  10. A Uni in North Texas somewhere, hopefully I'll be stuck at UC - Boulder before too long.
  11. [​IMG]

    East Carolina
  12. I have one more year to go at Michigan.
  13. ^Boo This Man.

    Starting my first year at Indiana.
  14. [​IMG]

    remember this.....
  16. starting my first year at u albany in 2 weeks!
  17. Northern Michigan University bitches...

    Startin sophomore year soon
  18. I saw more MD schools than I had expected. I go to Frostburg State.
  19. i go to Anne arundel community while i do pre-med. it's cheaper and i started college late anyways lol.

    umbc in 2 years i hope. unless i got air force and have them pay me to go to school rofl.
  20. Graduated from The University of Alabama last December. Party up man, time flies! :smoking:

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