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  1. So after being called an 'ignorant bastard' and 'waste of life' and 'stupid hippie thats going no where in life' after I told my family I didn't want to go to college (yes my family called me those things), I was curious as to what others think about college... Is it as important as western media would have you believe? Can a person who doesn't go to college find wealth, love, and happiness for themselves (outside of minimum wage jobs)?
  2. Of course you can, College in this day and age is just another way for other people to make a shit-ton of money (not talking about students) if you have a skill set or know the right people that is.... With that being said... only way College would be reall beneficial is if you get involved in everything you can that has to do with your major and get to know the right people and make a name for yourself... otherwise you are wasting your time
  3. Well.... anything is possible, except certain things are more probable than others. Can you find all those things you mentioned without a degree of some sort. Well sure, but its gonna be harder. Having a degree looks a lot better to employers, not to mention the access to higher paying jobs.

    I personally am a student right now and am enjoying it, taking classes that interest me and working towards a degree.

    And you dont have to get an academic degree. You can get a degree in a trade or skill, and still make stacks.

  4. It depends on a lot of things.
    How hard you're willing to work, and whether or not you've got some kind of talent or marketable skill.
    You can find love and happiness without wealth, but being a middle-class, working class, citizen, isn't necessarily an easy life. Unless you plan to become independently wealthy which, well, that's a pipe dream.
    But college isn't the golden ticket, either.

    Life is hard. Bottom line.
    Do what you want to do, but know that you have to be held accountable for your decisions, and you will make mistakes.
  5. it's not exactly like that. you basically need to go to college or technical school and get a degree if you want to support a family and pay your bills like the average, socialized american. otherwise, you'll end up working at burger king for the rest of your life trying your luck with other jobs. college is like a requirement

    it's not a get rich opportunity, unless you spent countless years there and actually put extreme effort into a multitude of related areas of interest
  6. Become a firefighter in Illinois. No college and you Start at 60k! If you become one at 21, you'll retire at 50. It's sweet because you work 24 and you're off 72. You're also union protected. :D
  7. ^^^ Haha that is awesome I think!

    Thank you guys good input so far on this thread, I've agreed 100% with what you guys said. :D
  8. You can but the way it seems to me is if you want to do something outside of the box for a job then you won't need college but a regular office job you will make the good money with college and it is alot of partying and meeting new people.
  9. I never thought I was going to be the person who went to college. I really didn't. I struggled a lot in school my whole life and I hated middle and high school espicially with a passion. I think it was my sophomore or junior year in high school where I decided to get my shit together and pass and do good so I could get out of it as fast as possible. The start of my senior year rolled around and I was accepted into an advanced program at my school where it allowed me to attend college and get credit for it. And that is exactly what I did, I graduated highschool with a year of college under my belt. But to me honestly, school/college is a personal choice and also college is a lot different than than highschool.
  10. Yeah i know but im saying if you just have the right skill set to get something started that people will want to buy your services from or start your own business you could. Some people are just naturally intelligent and dont need to go to school because they are already educated in the field they would go to school for.

    People used to go to college because they wanted to be more educated and you could still be middle class without that education (for ex. our parents and their parents) but like you said it's kind of a requirement today if you want to be looked at but some people still make it. The reason i said it was a way for other people to make a shit ton of money is because there are people that unfortunately not qualified to be in College but still pay to go so the school is still making money off these kids.
  11. I went to trade school and I always get any job I apply for and I compete with people who have college degrees. What separates you from every other person with that degree? Yes education on a subject, and knowledge in a subject, and experience in it is very important, but you don't need college to do that. Trade schools, volunteer, internships, I mean it isn't easier, but it makes you stand out. I ended up with tons of clinics that I interned at that they don't do in college, I got to have hands on experience with what I wanted to do and I didn't need to pay massive amounts of money and climb myself into debt to take unnecessary classes for a few years in order to learn what I wanted to learn. I'm different and when I apply for a job I believe it helps me tremendously.
  12. I went to college but it didn't have a thing to do with what I did to earn my living and be successful...the main thing you need to do is work hard and take the opportunities that life presents. By saying that, I mean don't sit on your ass watching TV or checking FB every 5 minutes, or devoting every waking hour to being buzzed on weed or alcohol...Seize the day....
  13. It really depends on what your future goals are. If you want to be CEO of a fortune 500 company, start your own company, or be a business consultant, business school might not be a bad idea. First figure out what you want to do, then figure out what you have to do to get there. Depending on your answer, college might really help your future. Good luck with everything, keep your head high, and go get 'em.
  14. College (education) is total bullshit but because everyone is tricked into thinking it matters its pretty important if you want to make good money.

    College (socially) totally kicks ass!
  15. College is to get a degree to become "qualified" in an economic system created by men where you will be making money thats made from paper with no value all while trying to pay off debt in a dying economy.

    So, how do you escape it? I wish i knew.

    This is whats frustrating to me. Im working my ass off to get a degree for a job that rewards me with something with no real value.

    Society irritates me

  16. You save enough money to build a house that is self sustainable on a good deal of land where you can grow and farm for YOUR OWN PURPOSES. If you become a food seller then you have the government regulations to deal with, but for your own consumption (at least right now it is under fire currently though) you are pretty much free to your own devices.

    There's technology to make you completely sustainable, as long as you can tap into your own water and obtain solar energy, there's homes that are easy and cheap to build, and if you buy heirloom plants and seeds you can reuse your seeds and no longer have to buy from Monsanto. There are farming methods that keep livestock from getting internal parasites, it's all about rotating the animals. A diverse garden also protects you from drought as you don't have all your eggs in one basket, and nature also has natural pesticides for diverse gardens so you don't need to buy fertilizers. Collecting your own rain water is also a great way to water any plants you have without taking your drinking water. Buy an electric bike, those things are bad ass!

    There are ways, it costs money initially, but a lot of people have done it actually haha. That's what's wonderful about our technology today, we can do so much to be self sustainable and effiecent, that's just not profitable to the few who own the economy though. My cousin actually lives in a community like this, although not completely sustainable, a few of them work and the rest of them farm, care for the children, or care for the few animals they have. They have to pay electricity and water, they can't get away from paying water unless they move and I think they are currently wanting solar panels. My cousin turned into a serious hippy, but he's happy that's all that matters haha.
  17. I dont agree with that although college is overpriced and all that you can learn good things there. And if you don't think so you must have never been.
  18. You can be happy without college, man. Just have to have a plan though unless you want a shitty job forever

    I suggest looking at government jobs on, if you can get in on one of those they have really good promotion potential. You can move up and retire early. I'm trying to get into the National Park Service or Forest Service right now
  19. Wow great responses!! :D

    I agree with you sniperkitty 100%, Instead of going to college I plan on attending an academy that will teach me how to build Earthships, they are SO COOOLL!! I encourage u guys check em out. totally self-sufficient and you can easily grow whatever you want inside! It harnesses the power of renewable energies like solar and wind. And also recycles water 3-4 times which is pretty awesome.

    Who knows what the future holds... all i know is I plan to take all the opportunities that come my way in life and strive towards freedom, love, peace and being happy! thanks all! :D
  20. If you dont have a good skill set, id try a trade school. I was pressured by my parents to go to college. I made it a semester and a half. I kept the fact that i dropped out from my parents for a month until they started wondering why i wasnt leaving in the mornings an i ran out of excuses. My dad was disappointed which hurt, but my mom said some very hurtful things until i was fed up and left. I was lucky and had good set of skills (hvac, plumbing etc) and here i am today on my 3rd year of working and im glad everyday with the decision i made.

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