College worth the student loans?

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    Its only community college, but i don't want to be in debt when i don't even know what my career goal is. im thinking i should just work or something..but at the same time damn i dont want to struggle for ever. damn.thoughts?

    edit -i think i am going to sell my soul and go to alaska for couple months.i hate this shit
  2. *asian dad voice* Yousa only in a community college?
  3. You go to a community college. Probably pay 2 grand per semester.

    If you think thats bad, wait until you are paying 20k to go to school.

    Btw, I had 100k in debt and its almost all gone now.

    Not really that hard to do.

    Just go for it.
  4. local community college here is a very good one and you can do it for a grand/semester

    we call it the 13th grade, but they have their own PA school, nursing school etc etc

    i dont think college is worth the money period, not for most degrees at least.... but if you're doing to do it, do it through the CC as long as you can and just pay that bill as it comes. my chic did that and you can pay like 230 payments every month or two.

    right now federal loans are still subsidized, but we're broke and that wont last forever... not to mention the only way they'll reign in this mass inflation is through high interest rates, which could cripple you down the road

    my $0.02
  5. i was going to a a college in chicago that shit was like 30k a year. i was doing good in school and i had a second thought on the career i wanted so i transferred to a community college. i like it, its easy and really cheap. im hoping to score a degree and get the fuck out as fast as possible. i wanna get my degree, as well as my insurance license (family business) and move out to cali.
  6. I would recommend going a semester or two, I'm in my first semester and its helped me decide what I want in a career and life. Maybe it'll do the same for you, and if not at least you can say you tried.
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    Go to Community College, get highest grades possible, get the fuck out and never look back.

    Go on to a liberal arts university, get the highest grades possible and make friends with all the respectable people you come in contact with (your brain will naturally intuit this if you're a half-way decent person) this will sever ties with your old and miserable life and allow you to move to a higher state of being, and eventually lifestyle.

    Don't go to's cold and full of blood-sucking insects who walk on two, four, and even eight legs. . .pack up and move to another country and eat as much pussy as possible, which is a sure way to quickly get acquainted with the history and culture of that country.

    After all that you can take what you learned and you can never say you haven't worked for something, or stayed in silent desperation, rotting from the inside out in the town you were fucking born in, in your parent's basement. Dude.

    Meet a beautiful woman who loves you and you'll know the meaning of life, everything else in conceit.
  8. Simple answer; No, its not worth it at all to waste that much money to simply be taught by other people what you can teach yourself.

    Real answer: Fuck yeah its worth it. College is amazing. Well, real college that is. I'm talking the type of college that you go by yourself, 1500 miles from your parents and all alone. That's when you find out who you really are, sink or swim style. Jump in, hope you float, figure out how to move, and then soar.

    College really is the best time of your life. Just make sure you remember to put the effort in that you need to. You will always be given an equal dose to what you put in.

    Cynic said it best; don't rot from the inside in the town you were born in. It fucking sucks to try to grow, it sucks to do things on your own, and it FUCKING SUCKS to not have daddy's bank account to buy your weed anymore. But it's also the best thing you could ever do for yourself.

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