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  1. So today at work I was having a discussion with a co-worker. We both work in a factory and were talking about our plans for the next few years. He intends to continue working at the factory as long as he possibly can because in a few years he will be earning $15 - $18/hr and even more with weekly mandatory overtime (6 - 7 days depending on production schedule)

    I on the other hand am just using the job as a stepping stone to get back into state college while I save money by going to a CC. He insisted that college does nothing for you, and in this economy I'll never get a job with my degree anyway. He respected me for the fact that I have hopes and dreams, but still called me stupid for "blowing" my money on education.

    I really feel that this is a common opinion of many kids graduating high school today. Unskilled labor has nowhere to go but down in pay, benefits, and availability. Now many of you may argue that college is a waste of time and only for partying or what have you, but have you even been to college? If you went did you put into it what you expected to get out of it? You only get from education the effort that you put into it.

    Skilled professionals are in high demand even now. Engineers, Computer Scientists....these types of positions are going unfilled because of this mindset. Businesses are currently even calling on congress to allow more worker visas for immigrants to come over and fill these jobs because we aren't filling them.

    The other negative of college education is the high cost. I wasn't born into a family that had any real money. In 18 years my parents had set aside less than $10,000 for my education. I used this my freshman year "poof" gone. After this next semester I'll be in debt about $12,000. Does this concern me? Not really, I have just a little less than that in savings currently. Which I earned by working two full time jobs. I feel that laziness is often the excuse for not going, and lack of motivation is another.

    I'm a double major in Business Management, and Computer Science. I'm considering minoring in a foreign language, but I'm not quite sure what language is most relevant to my goals. My intention is to hopefully in the next 10 years create my own software firm. I assume that will change to another type of business, but will still be based around my CS degree.

    I guess I ranted a little, but fuck people. Get some goals in your life, don't sit around smokin bud all day long. I don't want to be "rich", but I want a comfortable lifestyle and to contribute to mankind in some small way. Not sit on my ass and collect welfare benefits because I only have ma G.E.D., and sell weed for an income.
  2. Depending on what major ur friend is right. Avg time for a person with a bachelors to get a job right now is between 6-9mo. Im in a state uni and im quitting next sem. The information is irrelavent to the working world. Its regurgitated textbook shit. College isnt for me. But keep doing what ur doing. Sounds like ur going to be successful in whatever ur trying to achieve. Peace
  3. It's better really to finish school, which will ensure a bright future which of course will depend on your handwork and etc. non graduates can be successful too in life if they will work hard for it too; I heard so many success stories about people who succeed in life without finishing school. So it's up to us.
  4. I definately agree that you need to specialise and aquire skills throughout your working life. I can't understand how anyone over the age of early 20s is still working in retail/fast food and hasn't gone crazy. Not necessarily through university or college but you have to do something with your life

    I went to uni but ended up dropping out, just couldn't motivate myself to show real interest in it and wasn't enjoying it, I didn't even feel like any of the shit they teach you will be relevant in many careers at all. I'm now doing an industrial/mining based electrical apprenticeship, and I can honestly say I am much happier doing this than I was at uni. The work is physically harder but every day is different and more satisfying. I'm also earning decent money considering I'm still training, $35,000 a year is better than $10,000 debt each year.

    I'm at the age where alot of my friends are approaching the ends of their university degrees. Some of them will probably go off and earn $100k+ a year as doctors and lawyers, but so many of them were like me, just did a mediocre course, put mediocre effort into it and they will walk out with $20-30k of debt, 3 years of their life gone and no job offers to show for it. Most of them cant even find vocational work, which you need to do in order to finish your degree.
  5. You need the right school and the right program, but i would hardly argue that any college is "blowing" your money away.

    I dont know american schools, so i wont pretend to give you any good advice on that, but i will tell you this: if you want to get a job quickly, major in anything computational (or have it as a minor).

    Computers are in everything, and there are a ton of jobs associated with them... Even if you dont think computers are your thing, give it a shot, start reading up.

    I would stay away from a general arts major (lack of jobs), unless that too is a stepping stone to something else (law school), but in the end you'll only succeed in something you're genuinely interested.

    Take the time to make sure you know what program you want. Try to find friends or strangers to ask specifics about programs and schools. If you want to know more about software engineering (or programming in general), feel free to PM me. That goes for anyone interested.

    Best of luck
  6. nowadays you're better off going to some sort of trade school or opening your own business.

    Why pay 60k or more to get a job that pays 30k a year
  7. would you pay $30,000 (depending on your schools tuition) to potentially earn $1,000,000 more in your lifetime? Let's face it, skilled labor is useless without the people profiting big from the skilled labor (people who have a degree/own company).
  8. I'm chillin where I'm at.

    18 working as a operator/rigger of hidden cameras for reality TV shows. :D

    I make a base pay of 1500 a month cause I work in a camera shop mon-fri but when I operate..

    Im making 400-600 a day.

    So I generally make just under 2 grand...

    But I've made like 4 grand in a month also.. I've been working here for 6 months.

    In a year I'll be operating like 10X as much.

    Eventually I want to produce BUT I think I'm gunna have to go to school for that.
  9. You really have to have some special skill or charisma to make it in America without a college degree these days. Sure it's possible, but it's only going to get harder and harder, especially when there's so much unemployment these days. You really need to be able to stand apart from the crowd of job applicants, and a degree from a GOOD university does that.

    And there are jobs where you won't even be considered if you don't have a BA or BS. I've been there, I've reviewed resumes for open positions that on the face of it don't seem like they need to have a college degree, but require one for the position.

    The current generation of our youngest employable people (age 18 - 30) is the second largest in the last 100 years second only to the Baby Boomers, who are STILL employed and are not retiring at the same rates as their parents generation. SO not only do you have to contend with your own peers and Generation X, but you also have the aging Boomers who aren't retiring or dying off at the same rate as their same age group 20 years ago.

    So...yeah...if you want to be successful, go to college and get the degree. Do the time. It's worth it, college is supposed to be FUN and an experience that is different than your HS years. It's also your first opportunity to really be your own adult, and make your own decisions. From what I see, this generation needs that more than anything.
  10. I would disagree with stating a college education is blowing your money.
    Each person has different goals and an end result in mind, some just have no clue and are content on just doing whatever comes their way without much thought put forth.

    I'd also add that the idea of our government allowing more foreign workers to fulfill jobs that aren't taken by domestic workers .. From the IT sector which I'm part of, these visas are issued as a cost cutting measure, not that domestic workers are unqualified for the work. Indians who come to the US on h1b visas are paid 50% or less than domestic work force.

    If you research areas of interest, identify those which have lesser chances of being outsourced and excel in a particular field .. You wil find gainful employment if you put yourself to it. In my scenario I went to a cc and got an associates in comp sci concentration on networking. After about three months with a few connections I got an entry level position as a network analyst for a tele com firm, paying me 52k per anum, after tax.
    It's a chill work environment and as I pursue my bachelors I continue to get relevant certifications to advance my career.

    You can make a living with or without college .. I have friends who do plumbing at 25$ per hour and live comfortably. It's all about the lifestyle you want .. Do u wanna be in the elements, visiting people's homes .. Doing physically demanding work everyday or prefer indoor office environment ? Choose wisely man, as most people have to work for the better portion of their lives.

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