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  1. Alright so, I'm gonna start off with some background info..
    I went to college this past year studying Architechure. It was my first year. I just recently turned 19. Anyways, long story short I hated college. Nothing near what I expected it to be. I was in a bunch of classes, including a 'German Folk & Fairy Tale' class. Yes, a fucked up class that sounded easy to me. So turns out this class is just plain gay, and for the last essay I end up plagarizing the whole thing. I got cought and reported.. the whole shabang. I now have to appear infront of the senate tomorrow explaining WHY i did this, and why they should let me back into college this year.
    I'm teaming up with a student advocacy dude, and so far I have a few reasons. The main ones being my depression & mild anxiety.

    I know this whole situation is all fucked up. I know I shouldn't have plagarized (so please don't drive that home, I've had atleast 20 ppl tell me that for the past 2 months.) I fucked up big time, and now I'm suffering cuz of it. I really hope I can get back in and continue studying. I'm going to be sharing a house with two friends this coming september, so being in school instead of working would be better, imo.

    Anyways, just wanted to see if any of you blades could help me out/share past experiences.

  2. I am going to start my 3rd year of college and yeah, that situation you are in cannot be any worse. I have never been under such a review but if I were you, I would just tell the truth (or some white lies to bend the truth a little). I especially wouldn't lie now, since the reason you are going through this is because they knew you lied in the first place (not to be rude, dude). Just keep a cool head and let them know that you really had a tough time your first year and were still adjusting and couldn't keep up with the framework of college. Let them know that you are going to work hard and make changes :wave:

    Don't forget to toke up once and a while (or everyday) in college. Shit can be so stressful sometimes..
  3. Kind of in the same boat, except they want to kick me out because I failed a class when I was on academic probation. I'm in the middle of writing a letter to the dean of my faculty about why I should be allowed to stay's got me stressed out to no end, because I really don't know what I'm going to do if I'm not allowed back.

    All I can really say is just be as honest as possible because if you're caught in a lie, you're fucked for sure. Also, include some sort of plan for improvement for the upcoming school make an appointment with an academic counselor to help get things sorted out (school-wise), contact a doctor (be it your family doctor or the on campus one [if you have one]) about your health, etc. If you show them that you know you were in the wrong and you have plans on correcting the situation as much a posisble, they know you're being pro-active about the whole situation.

    Good luck and keep your head up.
  4. The only reason I didn't get expelled from my highschool at the time was because I was honest. Honesty unfortunately doesn't have different levels. There's ONE level of honesty and that's probably where you should be at. Good luck with whatever is ahead.

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