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  1. So i'm going back to college in 10 days and I still need to buy my books. I was looking on amazon for some cheep books and one of the books I can buy used for like $2. Now that's really cheep for a book that usually costs over $100. It says it's in good condition but I don't know if I should trust it. The place has a 94% positive rating with over a million ratings. Do you guys think it's a scam of some sort?
  2. I might end up playing it safe and go for one that is like $20 and coming from a person not a company.
  3. It's safe. Amazon is a reputable company that has a lot more to lose from fucking over a few customers than making a few extra bucks.
  4. Fuck there's some website that offers college textbooks for dirt cheap I'm talking like 5 cents per book but I can't remember it..
  5. I've bought books almost that cheap off of amazon like that with no problems at all, you're good.

  6. Yea that's what I thought too, I just wanna be safe. It's probably really cheep cause there's a bunch of the same book for sale used.
  7. Its amazon. Yes its safe, they'll refund your money if you arent happy
  8. Yeah dude go for it. I got all my books in college from Amazon, and continue to do so in grad school. I saved like $300 one year. Textbooks are expensive as hell, especially from the school book store.

    A "good" book is gonna be in decent enough shape. Might be some crap highlighted already (saves you the reading), maybe some doodles...nothing horrifying.
  9. i would wait until after the first day of class to buy the book.

    on several occasions i have noticed that you sign up for a class thinking it will be fun & interesting...only to find out it blows big nut sack.

    but yes the internet is your friend when buying books.
    the student bookstore will rape you with no lube.

  10. Well this class is required for my psychology nature. I'm also taking a class called effects of recreational drugs on the mind and body. There is no way that class is gonna be crap. Gonna get blazed everyday before that class :smoke:
  11. Being a broke ass college student I would go for it. also has pretty cheap used text books.

    Personally I haven't bought a text book in over two years and I'm rocking A's and B's out like I own that shit. :D
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    chegg you can rent books.

    & if its for your major then semi-understandable.

    youre never required to have the book on the first day. you just go over the syllabus and maybe start a lesson.
    they might say you need it, but youll survive day one without it.

    ive taken numerous classes where i didnt have the money for a book until like a week in.
  13. College Textbooks are the biggest racket going right now. The textbook companies regularly revise books every year so that instructors have to get new books blah blah.

    You have to be VERY careful with buying used books, they may not be the right edition etc.

    I'm glad I was an English Major, 75% of my books were available either free on the net or cheap in used bookstores.

    the good thing is that SOME textbook companies are actually getting with the 21st century and publishing e-books for which they'll still charge you an arm, just not the leg to go with it.

  14. Yea I made the mistake last year of buying my math text book and the first day of class the teacher said that we didn't have to buy it. the fucker was over $175! Never opened it once lol
  15. try
  16. Oh, and never sell your used textbooks back to the campus bookstore. They're like:

    "Oh, let's see, this book cost you $170 new...we're gonna sell it for $90's $5! Enjoy your summer!"

    Sometimes there will be kids on your campus - kind of like the drug dealers of books - who work for outside buyers of used books, which is generally not allowed on campuses but it's hard to regulate. Sell your books back to them. You won't be making major bank that way, but you'll fare off far better than selling them back to the bookstore. Maybe you could try selling them yourself on Amazon or something...but you have to wait for someone to want it.

    These kids will buy that shit right in your dorm room and give you cash right there. My last semester senior year I got back like $100 from selling my books to them...which I just bought on amazon cheap as hell originally.

    On my campus the students worked for Tower Books or some crap.
  17. Sometimes, depending on demand, you can use amazon's tradein system also (gives amazon dollars). But that's only beneficial if you're gonna get dome stuff from amazon.

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