College students, how much do you skip class?

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  1. This is my 1st semester of college & I can confidently say I've skipped anywhere between 2-5 days of each class. I know it's dumb as shit to do & I'm going to finish it out strong but some mornings of sleep are needed after a sleepless night of smoking.
    Fellow college acolytes (or past alumni) how much did you skip class once you got away from home & how much did it affect your grades? Discuss

    Trying to get equally in my right mind
  2. depends on what the instructors say but some dont care and you can skip a lot..most have some incentive like extra credit is you dont miss any
    I'm sure no future employers will see fault in this. 
    Only time I've skipped was to work overtime. Making extra cash is an acceptable reason to skip classes in my book.  :smoke:
  4. Read your syllabus.  First check if your professor counts attendance towards your grade.  Then check if the day you wanna skip has anything important ( quizzes, tests, homework collection, lab, etc. ).  If it's just a lecture on a chapter you already understand then it's okay to skip.  If not then at least go over the lecture by yourself.  Your syllabus is your best friend in a college class, unlike high school syllabus's which you just throw away right after receiving it.  
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  5. I'm surprised I bother to show up anymore. :cool:
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    First year. A lot. Over two semesters, got As, Bs, and two Cs.
    Second year.
    Third year.
    Never. I sit in the front of the class every time. Even if it's worthless for the test.
    3.7 GPA.
    School is a job. If you're not putting at least 40 hours a week into your education, you are doing yourself a disservice.
    Plus, you are paying hundreds of dollars a week for those classes. Why would you throw the money you spend away?
    I was immature at first, but I learned.
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  7. Some colleges don't allow you to miss many if you miss 2-3 classes in one semester, they will cut you from the class. So you definitely need to read through the syllabus and make sure you aren't fuckin yourself.
    Skipping college classes is stupid in my opinion..I did it a few times and every single time, I regretted it. There's alot of stuff you can miss in one class, especially if your instructor is one of those who always includes "extra pieces" of their lecture (that are never in the book) on tests.
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  8. TrippyAZ said it perfectly. For example in one class we were discussing Beowulf. I've already read Beowulf like 4 times including that same semester ergo I missed 2 of the 4 classes Beowulf was discussed. My school says 3 excused absences. 6 u cud fail the class for missing so much. I usually miss 2-4 times. Depending on where the class is in my schedule

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  9. I started college last year and can say that there were many times that I was skipping, be it from drinking or smoking heavily the night before, or simply not having the energy to get myself to that 8:30 lecture on the other side of campus in the dead of winter.
    Regardless of the reasoning you tell yourself as you lay in bed, hitting the snooze button on your alarm, it's always better to make it to those classes, you never know what sort of valuable information you'll get from your prof - assuming you have a decent prof that speaks english without some thick accent.
    Like what others have said before me, do your best not to skip, but on days that you just cannot bear to get yourself out of bed, just make sure you don't have anything big or important on those days, and keep it down to a minimal!  :smoke:
  10. I skipped only when I was really tired but I tried to stick it out knowing. That I could take a 3 hours nap after it but your paying money out of your pocket....

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     Unless skipping class leads directly to you getting laid then it is a huge waste of time. Go to class, meet girls, fuck them. It's that simple
  12. Never. If your parents are paying for it (like mine), it's a waste of their money and total disrespect towards your parents.
  13. I skip the easy classes I can pass anyway until I approach the limit, if there is one.
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  14. erry day
    self-study and intelligent peers has gotten me through
    (I go to the classes I find interesting)
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  15. I look at it as them paying for a degree. If I can still pass the class with decent grades without going, why worry about it?
  16. Only when i over sleep my morning classes 
  17. Yeah it mostly depends. This one math class I take is so Damn easy for me it's basically just review. I probably miss that class like once a week, But there's a sign in sheet and my friend just signs me in, nd test are always on Thursdays so I never miss a Thurs.
  18. Not often, I've had 6 classes, half of them I never missed a class, a couple of them I skipped 2-3 times and one of them I missed half the semester because it was too easy to even attend so I just showed up for the final.
  19. theres a limit, and i made sure to always stay under it.

    id go to class still drunk if i was close to that limit.

    fuck that noise.
  20. Depends on your grades and allowable absentee days

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