College student trying to find bong/rig hybrid

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  1. I want to send around $100-$150 on a new bong but don't know what to get. I'm looking for a foot long bong that would also be good with a nail attached to it for dabs. I will mostly be using it in my dorm or maybe out and around. I want to bring it places and I'm generally very careful with my things. as many percs as possible please for the smoothest rips possible.

    Thanks guys
  2. Smooth is going to be different for both. Flower more perc the better, oil less the better

    To even it out you could get an ash catcher to add perculation for flower and then just take it off when dabing.

    Also take a gander at dh gate they will have cheap options if you want to add a ash catcher

    also look at a j hook it could turn your ash catcher into a actual rig, I've done it, search "ash catcher as rig" and it should come up
  3. You're asking for a large flower bong with lots of percs that works well for oil also..... think about that

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  4. It's a terribad idea to use the same glass piece for dabs and bong tokes. The ash and the erl that's created becomes this baby shit like concrete. It is nigh fucking impossible to get it off unless you clean your glass after every use with alcohol. The more points of diffusion you have on your glass piece the harder it will be to keep clean. Every enclosed chamber makes it harder to clean. It just becomes impossible to get alcohol into every little nook and cranny with too many points of diffusion. The reason I bring up cleaning at all is that with out clean glass, a bong is just a nasty 2 dollar whore of a Toking device. Tastes nasty and ruins the entire experience of smoking out of such a thing.

    If I was going to attempt using a single glass rig for herb and wax, I would get an ash catcher for ganja and an oil collector for wax. It won't be perfect and it will still let crap through on occasion. It won't help to keep the glass clean per say, it just keeps the solid chunks from getting into the rig and forming concrete. The water stinks really really bad if you don't change it every session and at least rinse the rig out with hot water after every use. It will reek like ass if you don't.

    So, oil collector when smoking wax and ash catcher for ganja. Make sure they work and the water from them doesn't get sucked into the rig. That's how the crap gets through to the rig. No more then 12 inches tall or the dabs get a little on the stale side. Really though, the smaller the dab rig the better it seems to taste and smoother it goes down. I'm most definately a fan of smaller rigs for concentrates. Only a single point of diffusion because the ash catcher and oil collector act as a point of diffusion themselves. To much diffusion is hard to clean and creates to much drag that condenses the hit to much and you choke or cough. Thick glass, thick glass, thick glass! The thicker the better! Aside from obvious reasons you'll be popping the ash catcher and oil collector off to clear the chamber of the rig every hit. That adds pressure and can easily break the joint on thinner, cheaper, weaker glass.

    Good luck broski....

    In the end though, you'll be like "fuck me, I need a rig for dabs and a bong for bong rips" while smacking yourself in the forehead all "I coulda had a V8" style. Just sayin...I'm also just sayin that I'm superduperfuckinghighson!
  5. I'm living in a dorm right now, and the first thing i wanna tell you is that you should make sure whatever size bong you get, you're able to keep it in a nice secure location.

    If you're trying to do dabs, i suggest either getting a separate piece, or just getting a smaller bong.
    Percs are all about personal preference, the honey combs percs are my favorite, followed by the matrix.

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