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  1. Hey, I'm going to be a senior in HS which is besides the point.. I was just wondering if you guys think it'd be possible for a smart kid (2050 sat) who also doesn't care for the whole 'super smart, study study study, get a 4.0' kid.
    Bottom line, I'm smart and I want to smoke weed but also am motivated to be a doctor. I'm not a nerd, I'm not a lazy pothead. I'm one of those intellectual, musician, determined-to-make-money stoners. I'm a 'real' guy.
    \nI'm sure there are more people like me, and I'm curious as to who they are and if they think it'd be possible to do the whole pre-med thing at a good Top 50 school (not ivy league, more around UCSB) that embraces or is pro-weed or just has smart stoners. What's your toke on the whole topic? Peace&Love   :smoking:

  2. you need to study to do good in college. Especially if your premed and ur goal is a 4.0. This isn't high school anymore bro take this shit seriously
  3. You have to study in college, no chance you'll get a 4.0 without. I suggest paying attention in class, doing the best possible work on every assignment and studying your ass off for every test. Smoke once the day is over as a way to unwind, don't let it get in the way of studying.
  4. Yeah for real man. You can definitely smoke but make sure your studies snd schoolwork comes first. Then you could deff rip a bong or something haha.
  5. Once you start talking medical school or law school you really have to start being more careful about how much you smoke and if you really even want to smoke during your time as a student at all. Not only because of the amount of time you will be studying but also because if you get caught or get in any amount of trouble you are good as gone.
    Medical and law school can be a serious debt trap too. I can't tell you how many horrible stories I have heard about students either failing out and being in debt for years into their ultimate career or regretting getting into it altogether because of the sole purpose of being financially secure and ignoring the fact they hate what the do.
    When you put that amount of money into your education you wouldn't want to risk not being 100% on top of your responsibilities anyways, right?
    You are only a senior in HS and will probably find your true passion in college and if you really want to pursue the medical school route or not.
    Good luck.
  6. i go to one of the top 20 universities in the world, smoke weed 2-3 times a day, and have a 3.5-3.6 gpa. i'm sure you can do it :)
  7. Just keep in mind that school is the priority. You're going to be exposed to a lot of things...i.e. more powerful substances than marijuana. Be careful, study before you smoke, and you'll be fine. You're not alone though! Honestly nationwide if I had to guess, I would say 80% of kids have at least tried marijuana, and 20-ish% do so regularly (more than once a month), with a small portion of 5-10% who do so almost every day.
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    my cousin is a doctor and he smokes. he graduated top of his class from a university in Miami. that was his med school though for his general education he went to Wake Forest.
    you can do it as long as you do your work and study
  9. I'm not sure what kind of doctor you want to be, but UC Davis is the only hippie school I know of. They have this really cool park type thing in the middle of campus that's like a couple of acres and everyone goes to smoke there on 4/20. The last time I was there was a normal day too, and there was hella people just sitting around studying in the park and smoking joints.
  10. Smoking in a park freely sounds like where I want to be right now. And I'm not sure about the whole college ticket but I know I'm productive stoner and know and know of plenty of people who are productive and successful. However I can't speak on professions needing a degree, such as a doctor.
  11. Def check out the college then, they have a lot of different programs. I'm planning on going for agriculture once I'm done with all my general crap
  12. As far as actually going to the college, or any college really... forget that.
  14. dude first of all u need to chill the fuck out like seriously dude this is not even a question man. all u need to do is just figure the fuck out what u truly truly want as in like a long term goal. if u wanna get ur grades up and go to med school, and u think weed is getting in ur way then fuck weed and embrace books and library. but if u think what's most important is chilling and getting high and shit, then toke the fuck up son. like really, sometimes things are not really that complex and worth freaking out about. set ur preferences straight and just go from there. be true to urself man. that's all there is.
    oh and btw, dropping all that ranking talk will u? that shit means nothing. a real education cannot be summed up in a list of numbers
    peace my man 
  15. get high get high grades
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    no but seriously you are overthinking it dude lmao once you get to college it'll all balance out don't worrrryyyyyy!
    unless you're an idiot and make poor fucking choices. 
  17. college professors arent high school teachers. you fuck up they rarely give second chances. they're there to grade you aand get paid. you dont need weed. you're above this shit kid. stay above the influ. make something out of yourself. be a doctor and go save those lives homie.
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    Yeap, I'd like to agree with you on this topic. As you told about you, most of people of this age, interest etc would like to do the things like you. They want to look smart, attractive as you think. But there are some harsh things that you have to do and you better know it.
    outdoor shelter
  19. Just work hard and get good grades, and if you want to go on to professional school make some kind of impact at college.

    My gf was president of ssdp and norml in college and had someone big in the marijuana lobby write her recommendation. She also had a 3.9 GPA. She got accepted to like 18 law schools, including ucla, and got 50k/yr to UC irvine (plus good scholarships she didn't accept at wake forest, Emory, Denver, northeastern...)

    If you're passionate about something and make clear that you're studious and would be a good addition to their school then there are liberal-leaning schools that don't care if you smoke.
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    A lot of determined students choose not to finish college due to legal problems. I was charged with possession last year but I don't believe it will be detrimental to my career. Hospitals prefer to employ people without a record and they have a large selection of students to choose from. If you do smoke I suggest being private about it. Be mindful of your actions and consider the consequences.

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