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College stonage experiences, have any?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by grassdude, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Sometimes I'll burn right before i go to class, namely places like the parking complex on campus or sneak a few hits right outside of class. This leaves me freshly blowed and ready to hear a bunch of bs.

    Well today i decided to blaze before spanish class and it turned into a horrible idea. It started with humbly stepping into the girls restroom with a shit load of girls within.. I couldnt remember anything, kept staggering around, lost track of time. I was getting thirsty from dry mouth and used the water fountain, but completely missed my mouth. During class i experienced stuttering of speech, couldnt think of the right words, sat there in confusion and dumbation. I looked like an idiot and probably looked blowed as fuck. Oh and i think i failed my spanish quiz..:smoke:

    I would say it's better to smoke for lecture type classes ONLY.
  2. Meh, I avoid smoking within at least an hour of going to class. I hate being high on campus/in class. Plus, it's not like I retain much when I'm high. Info just goes in one ear and right out the other.
  3. Sometimes that's for the best.
  4. considering that i am a daily smoker and live just off campus... yes i have many.

    presentations in class high, test high, papers high, meeting people because they smell weed... when im high, i do all my homework high.

    im a little ADD so about half a bowl calms me down and i get to work
  5. I carpooled to college with a fella who smoked on the way there (bout an hour drive to get there), at lunch, and most the time two one the way home.

    For a few days I joined him, but it wasn't long until toking at lunch became a problem. It was difficult to find a spot that cops weren't hiding out and it became more difficult to keep my cool while welding. My performance did drop a little after lunch, so it was for the best to stop smoking at lunch.

    In the morning it wasn't so bad since I was already pretty fuckin beat so it didn't really do to much to my performance.

    But now, it's not worth it for me to get stoned during college, I'm paying to be there and to learn and experience it. Also if the instructor were to find out we would be kicked out of the program and it would be made extremely difficult to get back in. That doesn't go for just smoking weed, but it's the same with alcohol (bar's were a 5 minute drive away). And to get kicked out of the program the nearest school that offers welding is 4 hours away. Everything would have been made extremely difficult if we were to get caught.

    So for me work and school is to be done sober. Plus it makes it THAT much better to come home from a long day and just toke. So much more relaxing.
  6. This. I thought it would be awesome to be stoned in Philosophy class but it turned out to be a mindfuck and I didn't take any notes because my mind was raped by talk of the rapture and agape love and sin. I am never going to any class except communications baked.
  7. if weed didnt cause short term memory loss, i would be a straight A student lol. studying high is awesome.
  8. I don't like to mix weed with my classes. But i always pack a bowl right after my last class to unwind, best part of my day :D
  9. I dont mix weed with my class eathier its a nightly thing between me and my roommate
  10. i have and its cool with me i can retain the info really well. I mean i dont get blitzed or anything just small high/buzz. I dont do it at school anymore cause the price of getting caught is more than id like to pay haha. Being expelled, cops, and parent to much to lose for nothin
  11. I always used to but now I realize it was no good. Makes it harder to remember things from class and makes me way more likely to just browse the internet during class.
  12. The key is to not overdo it. Get just high enough to make class more interesting, but not too high to function.

    I've come to find getting high before class ends up just being a waste of weed more than anything though. I'd much rather just save that bowl for after class.

    Essay exams can be fun while completely blazed though.
  13. Well hey, at least now you know which classes are right for being stoned.
  14. i save it for after or late at night after i finish my work. im an engineer major so i fuckin hate doin anything calculus or physics based when im stoned, i end up questioning the point of wat im doin instead of doing it, and who wants to vector space equations when ur stoned fuck that gimme some headphones.
    im gettin a plant science minor, so no doubt ill be goin to those class high, especially medicinal plants.
  15. I just blaze in my dorm room and blow smoke out the window. And I only smoke before class if I know it's gonna be over 2 hours long.
  16. I like taking a few hits before my drawing class, I like getting blowed before my art history class. I'm on day 4/30 of my t-break though, so I gotta wait.

  17. Good luck when campus police show up at your door. Don't worry about putting down the bowl and answering the door, I'm sure they'll just let themselves in.

    Find a friend of campus man. You're in a college dorm meaning they can and will search your room with even the smallest hint that you're smoking in there. It's not worth getting caught in your dorms with, plus, it's a hell of a lot more fun to have a place off campus to go to smoke and not worry about hiding the smell.

    Not trying to be a debbie downer you know, just tryin to share some friendly advice before you run into the same problem too many of my friends experienced in the dorms. Weed+Campus Police=no go.
  18. i walk with my roommate to a woodsy area before bio lecture and spark up a few bowls.i just sit there are stare at the powerpoint presentations.i love it
  19. I go to class high all the time.

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