college republicans here make "liberal professor list"

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  1. College Republicans Compiling List of Liberal Professors at Ohio School - Political News -

    I actually go to school here and know the guy, Matt Rubin, who they are talking about. I actually worked with the UTCR's last year (yeah yeah I know, I view it as a mistake). While I agree with the spirit of why they made this list (liberal or not, you can't deny many college professors ahve liberal biases which interfere with their teaching), I disagree with the list itself because it comes off to me as an easy way out. I think rather than make this list, they should be promoting kids to actively engage in the classroom and not be afriad to call their professors out if they make a biased remark. Plus, I've had classes with some of the professors on this list, and iether they didn't incorporate their views into the class or if they did, they were very fair about it and allowed voices from all sides of the issue to be heard.

    So thoughts?
  2. Sort of reminds me of the documentary "Indoctrinate U.", which is on google video I think if you search a tiny bit. It talks a lot about academic freedom and freedom of speech.
    It's interesting to hear the stories of people who are silenced for their opinions, or are too afraid to speak up in class out of fear for their grades being lowered, even if you don't 100% agree with them.

    But I think it's kind of funny a liberal student can take a look at the list and find professors that will agree with his/her opinions and give him/her a better grade.

  3. Werd. The solution is to not be a pussy to your teacher because of a superficial, unofficial academic hierarchy. I remember a professor where I went that was known for assigning obscene amounts of work, presenting ridiculous amounts of class notes, testing frequently, and on top of that he was a general ass who would just call people out in class and embarrass them for stupid shit. He required that we meet with him twice per semester. The first time I met him I told him I was here to get a C and that I wasn't gonna give two shits what he said to threaten me about my grades because I was gonna do what I needed to do, no more no less. He smiled and said good luck. Next semester we crossed paths in the bathroom of one of the university buildings and he asked how did that work for you? I said great! He looked at me puzzled and said that he thought I had failed. I got a C- in his class. In my major your allowed one C- and I had reserved that for his specific class, and by playing his ass and telling him I was working for a C, I got him to give me exactly what I was actually seeking. :D

    The best part is that while everyone was on the edge of their seats all year trying to prove themselves to him, I stayed home and blazed. :smoke:
  4. Everyone has a fucking bias. Stupid fucking retards. Every fucking professor/teacher i've ever had has made their views quite clear (liberal, conservative, or other), yet it hasn't gotten in the way of them doing their job. Another example of dumbasses with too much free time.

    Debate your professors, don't make a stupid fucking pointless list.

    edit: sorry if I sound angry, I've been drinking
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    I had a professor at OSU for a history class and he would openly make fun of anyone who challenged his blatant left wing spin on everything. For instance, the Native Americans are always benevolent. I once asked him about Indian wars for territory, the slave trade and atrocities committed by them (my point being that Native Americans are just like all human beings and not some spiritual being). He called me a "close minded individual" and claimed, "None of those things were their fault. The white man brought all of it".

    Now, thats just not true. Its an example of how this "professor" allowed his liberal ideological beliefs trump facts. Apparently someone complained about him, because we had to fill out a survey about is performance. Hes supposed to leave the room, but he didn't. So, I doubt anyone was honest in the survey.
  6. I was wearing a Ron Paul shirt during the primaries and one of my professors went off to the class on how Ron Paul believes in creationism, or something equally irrelevant to political philosophy.

    He later apologized to me.
  7. Are there no anecdotes from the left leaning group here on GC about difficult conservative professors?

    Or is it indicative of something more fundamental, like perhaps a lack of higher education? :D:smoke:

    Edit: Lol, conservative professors! I made a funny.
  8. None of my political science professors showed the slightest liberal or conservative bias as far as I can remember. I had a business management professor from Jamaica that was liberal, but he always encouraged debate and was never condescending towards opposing views.
  9. Good... Its difficult that our professors are churning out leftist drones like crazy.
  10. I got tons of shit in highschool from conservative teachers about voting democrat, but nothing from any of my professors (Even though most of them are very profesional about their biases and don't bring it into the classroom).

    Perhaps all this means that liberal teachers are more likely to have a masters?
  11. Plenty of people with masters aren't 'liberal', they just don't go into education. Maybe people that tend to aspire working for a craptastic educational system tend to be 'liberal'? Maybe the education system is designed to favor 'liberal' view points since it validates the direction their government's policies are heading in. Maybe most people that enter higher education tend to know little to nothing about who they are claiming to help with their 'liberal' policies.

  12. This is traditionally true; the liberal strives for the highest attainable levels of indoctrination while the entrepreneurial autodidacts tend to stray towards conservatism.

    Conservatives are naturally individualistic, while liberals pay into collectivist institutions of the state apparatus, such as the higher education system.


  13. very well said. Most of the teachers I find to be liberal have strived for much higher levels of learning, and do have an elitist attitude not to mention no emphasis on applying yourself to your work. It always just "ok heres the assignment see ya next week, im going to grab some coffee". Direct quote no lie lol. The teachers I have had that are conservative are the ones that assign the most work and stay on top of you, lol and all the liberal kids hate those teachers and love the liberal ones. Most of the blatantly liberal ones are the worst teachers Ive ever had, not because i am a conservative. I am not. I have always been in the middle. My one teacher is a joke, so out there in his beliefs he manages to sneak in liberal views in the most outlandish places. And guess what he has a masters and cant apply it to anything. Its sad really i pay a lot of money to take his class and have to disregard everything he tells me and go find out how to do it on my own. One class we were pouring molds to make parts for an engineering class. This guy made half the class pour it all wrong and they basically wasted thier money. I on the other hand who has mixed grout, cement. mortar etc just left and did it on my own. Needless to say i was one of 6-7 kids who did it right. It was obvious this guy had never worked hard at anything or gotten his hands dirty ever. On comparison to my over payed and educated teacher my old man, who never completed college because he couldn't pay for it and made himself independently wealthy because he is an entrepreneur. I am trying not to rip on lib teachers but fact is from my point of view i have never had a good liberal teacher and all my conservative teachers never capital N let their views slip in. That's mostly how i find out they are conservatives lol. long rant ill end it.
  14. Except the fact that if the education system was set up to favor liberal views (Which is, by all accounts, operating under an assumption) then why would so many highschool teachers (Which only requires an associated degree) be conservative? Why wouldn't it be liberal the whole way down? And it's kinda funny that mostly conservatives are lumped in the general education lot which is far more craptastic then anything college or university level, which by the way we have one of the finest university systems in the world so yeah, whateva.
  15. That has not been my experience at all.
  16. they keep pushing this sustainability farce, of course a list needs to be compiled so we can fire these nuts that do more preaching than teaching, the gov already has every little detail about you, who cares if students make a goddam list, more power to them, excercising freedom, while they still have it.
  17. Teachers tend to be liberal democrats in both primary school and secondary education, public and private education. Dunno where you got the opposite idea but its not true. It might apply to a small, local area, maybe your hood, but not on a nationwide scale. Might wanna look up that stat before you throw out assumption and accuse me of making them when I stated a logical deduction.
  18. Having the freedom to do something doesn't mean there's a point in doing it. If I made a list of professors with conservative biases at my university, what would this achieve? Nothing. I'd just be a lonely student with too much free time and a list that nobody cares about.
  19. no...liberals just like telling other people what to do, and try to get involved in their life, conservatives don't care as much about changing other people, it goes with the mindset of the political party.
  20. You're gonna accuse me of cooking up statistics and then not have any proof to back up your accusations?

    Sorry but,
    [citation needed]

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