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  1. Right now i am going to major in Political Science....but I have a question, I am thinking about changing my major to Criminal Justice in order to recruited as a CIA or FBI agent? I'm not sure how getting a job at the CIA or FBI works, but is that a start?:confused:

    not the best place to ask since you all hate people who are against marijuana..but

    i love marijuana, ill be a good agent :)
  2. FBI you need a Bachelors degree and prior experience. I'm not sure on CIA education requirements, but they want prior experience as well. If you want to work for them, Military or prior Police work is what you need.

    It doesn't have to be a degree in Criminal Justice either, get a degree in something that will help you if a career in law enforcement or w/e doesn't work out

  3. ehh i really don't want to become a police officer or join the military just to have a chance in joining the FBI or CIA Hmm oh well, thanks for your help.
  4. If you're interested at all in business, I'd suggest looking into accounting. Believe it or not, the FBI LOVES hiring accountants.

    An FBI agent came and spoke to one of my business classes about it and highly suggested going the accounting route if at all interested in joining the FBI.

  5. Interesting advice! But let's just say "math" is my kryptonite.

    I am retarded when it comes to math. sigh.:( :( :(

    But thanks for responding!
  6. I feel you on the math brother.

    But Accounting is mostly just basic algebra (addition, subtraction, and division).

    Not complex math, but it can be abstract.
  7. I would suggest a Psychology, or a foreign language major (preferably a not so popular language).

    Criminal Justice is a very focused major and doesnt allow very much room when trying to find a job post graduation. Psychology is a major that can allow you to go into many different fields.

  8. the cia at least they do spinal taps for drug testing.
  9. CIA: Pass a polygraph. Before being hired (and periodically throughout employment) you'll need to pass a polygraph (lie-detector). While polygraphy isn’t an exact science, CIA polygraph equipment is among the most thorough, and they generally are on the side of caution if having any reason to believe you’re lying. This is when they will be able to find out if you've taken any illegal drugs or anything of that sort.

    well thats the end of becoming CIA for the FBI haha

    Thanks for the tip man, much appreciated.
  10. I know this is going to sound superficial, but how's your ink?

    Reason I ask is FBI doesn't hire if you have visible tattoos (neck, arms, legs, etc.) Pretty sure CIA is the same way. Yeah, I know it sounds wrong to disqualify you on that, but it's an image thing with them.

    Also, if you've never taken a poly and psych eval for a security clearance at those levels, be prepared to be in for a treat... :cool:
  11. Also, if u do decide to pursue a job with them and are asked to come in and interview; be truthful, no matter how bad it maybe the government prolly already know da truth they just wanna hear u say it.

  12. They all polygraph. Almost all Police Officers are polygraphed as well
  13. My friend wants to be a police officer, and in Canada he says they polygraph, but if you say you smoked weed in the past, as long as you don't at the time or anytime recently(6 months or so) they don't give a fuck apparently. That's Canada though
  14. well the only drug i do is marijuana, and that will be legalized by the time im out of college...i hope? :rolleyes:

    in addition, im a suburban area white kid, no tattoos or anything. So the superficial thing is not a problem

  15. It all depends on what the Department thinks (In the US). Some of them don't care as long as it's been awhile, while others wont hire you if you've smoked more than 15 times or some number. Usually with other drugs you are only allowed to have used it once, but sometimes once will DQ you
  16. Yeah, you definitely need prior experience, start out as a cop or in the military, and work your way up, my sister wants to be in the Secret Service and that's pretty much how it works, I'm pretty sure it's the same process for the CIA, or FBI... You also have to have a squeaky clean record, and do good in school.

    Have fun breaking down our doors. :)
  17. im in your house, stealinz your weed, and bongs. :)

    haha on the serious note, i looked it up and they also want people with expertise in law. Political Science major and then to law school! Just liked i planned, i guess. That's gotta be good enough

    fuck i got alot of work ahead of me....

    Keep on toking my friends.
  18. you'll need experience either way
  19. naw if the FBI wants you they send you to "Quantico?" for 4 months.

    basically its basics for FBI agents

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