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  1. hey all i am a sophomore in a community college looking to transfer to csu next year:hello: but i dont really know for sure what i wanna major in. im stuck between business and psychology. business is more practical but im more interested in psych. can anyone give me some adivece maybe people that have majored in these two subjects? thanks!!:smoking:
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    have you taken classes in either one or both?

    not a student in either one, just a student with a fair amount of experience not knowing that the fuck they're trying to do and ultimately coming to a pretty good conclusion (for the time being, haha)
  3. haha yea i took a bunch of business classes fresh year and pretty much hated all of them except economics and management then, switched and took a bunch of psych classes and actually liked them a lot.
  4. I feel like a business degree would help you out a lot better than a psychology degree. What csu were you thinking? I just did a semester at chico, it was pretty damn fun but i stopped going since i just dont like being in the middle of nowherr
  5. I would do psychology, I would say %50 of my university majors in business and most of them end up working at the local retail store.
  6. haha fosho ik what you mean but its csu in fort collins, unc in northern colororado or boulder state. ive been leaning towards csu cuz i have a few friends that go there and the campus i heard is beautiful
  7. Psychologists aren't a top priority right now. With the state of the economy, most people can't afford it, and it doesn't look like it's getting better any time soon. Business is safe, because business will always be around; but like a previous poster said, it's likely you'll end up in retail, unless you steer towards accountant. Even then, you'll have to be damn good. There are a lot of accountants.

    That being said, it's up to you. Degrees are far more versatile than they used to be, but also not as valuable. Do what makes you happy, even if it means doing something crazy like uprooting your life and moving to another country! :eek:
  8. yea i def know where your comin from tony, but there arent many jobs for any field right now. i live in chi right now and moving to colorado next year is gunna be a big change but i think im leaning towards business.somebody told me i should major in environmental engineering, cuz of the growth in that field.
  9. Haven't they been cutting down on animal and forest preservations? I may be talking out of my ass though haha. Communications is pretty safe though I think. I'm not sure how many people are into it, but it's a huge field. Think Facebook, Google, Apple.. big buckaroo possibilities.
  10. Herbalicious, I graduated with a degree in psych in 1994 from the University of Michigan. I work in healthcare, but it has 0 to do with my degree. If I could do it all over again it would be business all the way!
  11. i just took a psychology class (required elective) this past semester, and it was actually very enjoyable. the book was well-written and didn't feel like a chore to read. so i imagine it'd be a fairly enjoyable experience, more so than a business major (IMO, anyway).

    there are also a decent amount of psychology-related career options beyond the stereotypical clinical psychologist.

    but, i imagine most employers would prefer seeing "business" over "psychology." i suppose it really depends on what you plan on doing with the degree.
  12. Lol you meant colorado state university, i thought you meant california state uni
  13. Believe it or not marketing, which is a part of the business program, shares a lot of the same concepts as psychology. Business will be a much more practical venture for you considering you are unsure of what you want to study in, and not to mention the marketing courses you will take will teach psychological concepts in business terms. If you decide you don't like business after a year, you can transfer to a different program and carry over your business credits as electives (Depends on the school).

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