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  1. I am a senior in high school and recently received a scholarship to a highly academic school. At the time I was granted the scholarship I had a 3.8 cumulative GPA however now this score is slipping (down to 3.5) due to a difficult AP math class (currently a C-). I have heard stories of students losing their rides due to poor grades and I am stressing out over this class because I fear I will lose the grant because of it. 
    Will I lose everything if I am unable to raise my grades in the 2nd semester?

  2. Look into the specific terms of the scholarship. Your guidance counselor can probly help
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  4. The details of the agreement say that I am required to keep equal GPA from previous years but my guidance counselor said that is more of a general rule to help motivate against senioritis. I just don't want to find out suddenly in March that I was kicked out because I screwed up one class. 
    Good idea Shiva that may be final resort   :ey:

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