College or High School?

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High School or College?

  1. College

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  2. High School

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  1. O.O I cant wait to get out of high school. Its the god damned devil. I want to graduate and get into college asap.

    Who else here feels like this, or felt the same way when you were in high school? College is gonna be a fucking blast.
  2. No way man. College sucked ass, I hated it. I didn't last a month. High School was the best years of my life. There was a lot of hard times, but man there was a lot of good times too. It definately beats real life.

  3. Doesen't highschool consist of real life?
  4. so is the poll are you in high school or college or is it what do you like more?
  5. I got two or some months left, then I'm outta high school. :D Can't wait. Then its off to Boston to really start enjoying life.

    Fuck high school.
  6. Yeah high school consist of real life to a certain extent man. But I will to bet you that none of us were the type to be caught up in the artifical bullshit. I don't imagine that you were the qaurterback dating the head cheerleader that went to "jody's bonfire after the big game".

    I think you were probally more of the crowd I was with. Into music, hating everybody popular, and going to class stoned. Having deep conversation with close friends over a blunt or a couple beers and not worrying too much about all the high school bull shit. It's pretty safe to say we were all like that.

    But in high school, I don't know it was kinda like everybody had a clique. Even the kids that smelled bad and wouldn't admit to making the bomb threats had a clique. I mean come on it was a sure bet. You knew monday that you would have to go to school tommarow, and you knew that you had atleast somebody there to talk to or each your lunch with. Every day was gaurnteed, even over the summer you knew you had to go back to school the next year. Life was a lot more predictable and easy.

    Don't get me wrong dude. I was out on my own at age 16. I got emancipated. I went to rehab when I was 14. I had a hell of a few rough years. So I know that high school was real life, but now life's more fucked up. I have no idea where I can work, where I can live, what I'm going to do tommarow, and you know it just seems like everythings more up in the air.

    College would of been cool, but there was just too much stress and work involved. I guess it might just be me doing better in a somewhat planned environment. I like to know what I going to be doing, I have to have a plan for everything.

  7. what do you like more.

    shorty, thats why high school sucks so much....
  8. You are all crazy. High school was the greatest 4 years of my life. I went to a smaller private school, and it was great. I had alot of close friends, and all we did was get fucked up. My school only had about 300 people and everyone hung out with everyone. Sure there were cliques, but we all knew each other and no matter what you liked to do or who you hung out with, most people were cool with you. The things i didnt like about school was how it is a big popularity contest. Like i knew people who would go out and by certian things because they thought it would make them cool. The really cool people are the people who can be themselves and tell the people making fun of them to fuck off. Highschool babies you and tries to get you ready for the real world.

    now on to college

    College is fun, but dont think you are going to start going crazy, bangin girls all the time(well not so much this part), and that it is one big party. The people who think like that are the people who dont go anymore. Sure, college is great, you will meet alot of new people and do alot of cool shit, but you gottas keep your head on straight. I am a JR majoring in information technology and i also work, so i am pretty busy. My advice for anyone is to make sure you get your work done. You at college to learn, not to party, but you can do both as long as you can manage your time. I might sound like an old man to some of you, but i promise you, you will see what i am talking about oneday. Just keep your priorities in order and college will be a blast.
  9. School was cool if you already knew the shit, or didn't care (cause YOU either didn't need it, or could easily learn it in time, blah blah), and just went there for it being something to do and hang out, and screw around. taking that shit seriously is boring, ya gotta live. And breaking the rules there is a good thing too (or at least it was back then), I mean it's fun and no real harm done. Being young was nice because you could mess and break rules around and not get punished like you would if you were an adult and broke rules. College is more serious to punishment and keeping up with your work, but it's got a higher, more educated childish fun there too
  10. Once I get a job I'm gonna start saving up to go to WyoTech.

  11. yeah, the first few years of high school were like that for me, so it was just messin around with mates yet still gettin the grades, i guess i was just lucky, but then when it got harder i realised that i really hate learning, i just didnt like having to take it all in.
  12. highschool was one of the best times in my life. i didn't go much lol more of a social thing. but i had sooooo much fun. best summer of my life was summer of '89. oooo if i could only do now what i did then. lol. mmmm maybe not lol.
  13. College requires self-discipline, a trait that many people lack. Unlike high school, the decision to attend college is voluntary. As a result, authority figures in college are not required to provide second chances to students who skip class or do poorly on a test. Those who attend college are adults who must accept the responsibility of their actions, while high school students remain minors who are unable (legally) to make decisions on their own. I don't know about you guys, but I never would consider sacrificing all of the freedom that college provides even if it meant that I wouldn't have to worry about screwing up either in school or in life too badly. We can't remain children forever, nor should we.

    That being said, I had a hell of a lot of fun both in college and in high school. Each situation is only as valuable as you make it. Enjoy yourselves, guys.
  14. High school sucked. There was too much bullshit there. I'm nearly through 2 years of college now and it's the shit. I was able to reinvent myself and stop caring about my former "friends." College rocks and I love being free of other people.
  15. I loved high school....but I love college even better. Yeah it has its very crazy party scene and whatnot, but it just seems to be a better enviornment all together. Like the learning isn't as bad as you'd think....i dunno..just my opinion....
  16. College...

    No parents...
    No rules...
    Your own place...
    And your last chance to truely fuck around with a seemingly legitimate excuse...
  17. In my opinion, they're both pretty good..... in hs, you had no responsability and while your at home alot of things are normally paid for, its a great social exp. cause you can always find someone to do something with....

    colaage on the other hand is also nice, new responsabilites, new found sense of freedoms and time, though not nearly the same amount of people.... you just have to pick an choose the kids ya like....

    the only thing i regret, while looking back, is not taking advantage of what HS had to offer me, grandted i got good greades, but i was usually to busy getting fucked up to care about anything else while i was there.... to bad you can't go through life again, with past exp..... what a world of differance it woulda made.....
  18. Both are the shit for different reasons(I don't believe I just typed that).

    High school is cool because you can have fun fucking around and smoking weed during lunch etc.... Also, people don't realize how freakin' easy it is! It sucks though, b/c you have to wake up so early and you have longer days in class than college.

    College, on the other hand, is quite hard depending on your school and major. For me, it's pretty tough being a psych major at an acclaimed University, lots of work and studying in order for me to do well. BUT, college is amazing for the following reasons: I can smoke weed in my suite any time I want. Same goes with drinking. You live with all kids and your friends will be a short walk away. Highschools have parties and I went to a bunch that were cool, but college parties are far better. They go later, get broken up less often, have girls of legal age, and many many kegs of beer and a bar with mix-drinks and shots usually. Also, you can smoke weed inside of most party houses. No parents to worry about while at school either, you can come home shitfaced and not have to worry about getting in trouble. You pretty much do whatever you want, whenever you want.

    College > High School

    I think it's going to take an insane step in a good direction once I move into my own place next semester too. I got a house with just me and my friends so it's going to be a year long party! Toke in bed, grow in closet, can't wait!

    Edit: college is also the last time you can drink out of a funnel without having to attend a meeting after. :D

  19. When I was in high school, it was...
    But when I went to visit my highschool at their new location a few months ago, they had installed cameras everywhere and implemented a 3 part drug test...
    Piss, hair and saliva...
    They could bust you for things you did months ago...
    And their newly revised contract allows them to bust you for things you did even over the Summer...

    I wept for their students...
  20. Many interesting points to ponder... I'd say High School sucked balls, but from what I see of college, it's just High School Re-vamped with alcohol... Neither are that great in my own opinion, but if I had to vote, which I did, I'd vote college. There's more independence granted, while keeping a structure like High school. The people at college clique up just like in High School... I don't know. When I was in High School, I thought High School was the devil, but now that I look back, even with getting locked up and all as a Juvenile, High School was a lot more fun than College... Growing up sucks balls, and I didn't believe it until *SMACK* You're 19, your parents kicked ya out of the house, and you're living with your pot dealer, or whoever, just trying to keep your head above water. Real life is a kick in the face, and High School can never prepare you for it.

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