College majors that don't drug test you!?

Discussion in 'General' started by HighAt420, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Hey, I am currently in high school and I will be going to college next fall. I am planning on going to UC Santa Cruz (oh yeah) and I wanted to get my facts straight before choosing a career for the future. I want to earn a good pay and I am interested in the fields of science, math, technology and engineering. I wanna make a good pay, but I don't wanna give up marijuana since it is my medicine and it works! So, can you guys help me out on what career I should go with? Thanks!! :wave:
  2. Probably should say you want a career that doesnt drug test, instead of a college major.

    But yeah i dont really know, google knows.

    Google knows all.
  3. You're in luck with math and science career's. I am just graduating with a Biochemistry degree and am looking for labs to work in. As long as its not like the Government you're working for, no lab will care whether I smoke or not. I've had a few internships and jobs and I haven't been tested yet:smoke:

    But I'm sure there are exceptions.
  4. So you're basing your choice on post secondary school based on marijuana?...

    Maybe you should get clean, get the best job / schooling you can, and enjoy that haze on a friday night when you're successful.
  5. None of them do lol
  6. You shouldn't base the rest of your life around whether or not you can smoke bud. Pick a career you like, go on a t-break for 30+ days, get the job, resume smoking.
  7. I guess I can take a t-break but they can still drug test u on any job if you have an accident. I will give up weed, but I don't see the point of giving up a wonderful medicine that alleviates my symptoms of tourettes syndrome. There is no better feeling in the world for me than feeling like a normal person after smoking a couple of bowls because my tics seem to fade away right after. Hope you guys can understand and try to help answer my question :D
  8. Teach. No one gives a shit if teachers are high.

  9. Dude that's pretty awesome. I'm glad such a humble little weed can have such profound effects on your Tourettes.

    But're still in high school. The career field is going to change by the time you've graduated and are in the job market. We may be in a position where no drug testing happens anymore, or the opposite might occur: mandatory drug testing for all jobs. Who knows?

    Keep enjoying your weed now, keep your grades up, and worry about the job thing when the time comes. Each of those fields you listed have jobs that drug test. No undergraduate course is going to drug test you. If you decide to go to medical school you'll get drug tested though.
  10. Office jobs generally don't test unless they're government.
  11. choose a career and move to a state where u can get your medical marijuana license problem=solved ... unless im missing something
  12. Dont worry about that....
  13. You are planning on going to UCSC and your reasoning behind choosing a major is if potential employment will drug test? :confused:

    First off, good luck getting in :rolleyes:; second, most professional jobs don't give 2 shits what you do in your free time as long as you remain professional in the work environment; third, you will probably work at starbucks once/if you graduate, so pick a major that is currently/constantly expanding (math, engineering, computer science, etc.)

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