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  1. Ill be a freshman in college this week and i was just wondering about college life. Like is it hard to balance smoking and studying? Or even going to class? Just wantin thoughts and opinions from my fellow collegiate stoners!
  2. It's not too hard to balance smoking/studying, it really depends on how willing you are to crank through everything in order to have as much free time as possible.

    Going to class is easy, assuming you aren't taking a ridiculous amount of credits. I took 16 credits first semester and still had a decent amount of free time. For second semester I had 14 and it was a walk in the park.

    Anyway, just a word of advice - be careful when you choose who you're gonna smoke with. A lot of college smokers (in my experience) are relatively new to weed, so they're bound to make mistakes, or worse, become arrogant. Campus police will always be keeping an eye out for smokers, so make sure you're cautious. And on top of that, they're state police so you'll be busted with higher charges.

    Don't be a prude or anything about it, still have fun and just enjoy the experience...but be careful to not get caught.
  3. smoking in college is the chillest shit ever...unless you wanna grow in your dorm room. there's a story here on GC about that...crazy shit man
  4. Hey man I am a junior at my college, it was rough a first, bc i went to a military like high school (I had everything planned for me). Its all about time management, dont be a dumbass. Go to class and smoke when you have your homework and shit done. Good luck enjoy it bc freshman year is awesome
  5. I'd like to give you some advice; if you plan on smoking on campus grounds (such as nonchalantly smoking a jay as if it were a cigarette), make sure to do some reconnaissance at least for a week before even attempting such a feat. Learn the schedule of the campus police, it would be in your favor to learn where the least patrolled area is.

    Even doing that would be risky. You'd probably be better off smoking in a secluded area somewhere in the city (don't smoke in dorms ever, way too risky). Take all precautions, don't let yourself get fucked over for something as stupid as this. Most of all, don't get greedy, impatient, or careless with your shit. Of all the times I've gotten caught, it was mainly because of those reasons.

    Take care dude.
  6. Shame about the campus police. At mine they just suggest we go and smoke at the lake haha. Its like a block away.
  7. I wouldn't smoke, dorm rules are pretty strict and if the DA finds anything they can kick you out of college.
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    ^^The DA :-O RA?
  9. Time managment is a big thing. I smoke pretty much everyday, and am doing decent in school. I heard a saying once that i try to go by(relating to college life) it went "study hard, so you can party hard"

    tldr: study monday-thursday. party/do drugs/go out on weekends.
  10. I dont plan to smoke in the dorm. Unless my RA is just an absolute badass. Ill find somewhere in the city or some shit. But thanks for the input. If yall dont mind I'd like to hear some college smoking stories or some shit too
  11. Same here, I just bought a good amount from my dealer to have when I start college so I'm not dry and can have time to find someone who sells good shit. Hoping Massachusetts will legalize medical marijuana so I don't even to worry about that for very long. Would be fucking awesome!
  12. The person I got caught smoking with was my RA haha. Honestly, from what I've learned this year, it's best to keep everything on the down-low until you really get to know some of the people and the likelihood that they'll get caught. I know that I was stupid in deciding to smoke on campus in my RA's car, but a lot of that is because I just "put myself out there" as a stoner.

    The safest place that I smoked was on my campus's disc golf course which was built into a forest, it was still stupid. Scope out the areas around your campus that aren't too far, but aren't on campus property.

    Just be safe and be smart. I'm trying my hardest at this point to make sure that nobody makes the same mistakes as I did. A year of probation and weekly drug classes plus random tests is something that you won't want.
  13. What me and my group of friends did was..well, first semester we would always go on "cruises" everynight. It'd be like 5 or 6 of us jammed pack in his kia SUV lol. We'd drive around the city for about idk half hour/ hour and blast the music, jam out, get blunted, come back to the dorms ridiculously high. We'd go straight into the little convenient store they had and buy some goodies (everyone in there late at night was always high haha) and the Arab workers dude knew, and they loved it. Joked around and stuff with us. Anyway, then we'd go up the elevators(which was always a cheeesy adventure) and go to a dorm and watch LOST, or game it up in some double fifa with music playing ( ahhh thinking back... good times lol)

    2nd semester.. we kind of got lazy said fuck it, and began smoking in the dorms every night. Ok so here's the thing. Our RA's would would take turns doing "rounds" they called them. 2 of them(each night) would start on floor 12 and work there way down to the main floor. So they would pass through every dorm room, everynight. They did 'rounds' at 7p.m. and 10p.m Mon-thurs and 8p.m. 11p.m and 2a.m. friday and saturday. This is how we would do it: A group of five of us would smoke in my room( blew it out the window, made one of those carb things to blow into(a water bottle with dryer sheets to change the smell i guess) then febreezed the room down) but it was still totally noticable lol. We would smoke at around 9, 930. I'd spray my room down. Oh and the room next to my room was the RA of our floor. He was cool as shit, and didn't give a fuck about anything. He actually drank with us a couple times when his brother came down lol. Cool dude. But anyway, where was I..oh yeah, so we'd smoke, i'd spray, lock the door and we would all go to my buddies room on the other side of the floor to hangout/watch a movie/whatever. WE NEVER GOT CAUGHT. We got a couple violations with alcohol(cuz we we're loud as shit, shit-faced drunk when coming back from parties, and there would be like 15 ppl in a single dorm room lol, yeah, it got reallly loud) But we were never caught with the good ole' ganj. Never. Damn, typing all this out made me miss the dorms. I was ready to get the fuck outta there, but it was some goood times.

    Enjoy yourself OP. My brother's bout to be a freshman too btw.
  14. At the dorms I'd survey my surroundings for the first couple of weeks. My RA would buy us Grey Goose while others would bust people for just smoking a cigarette too close to the dorms.

    And public safety is a joke, btw. I'm pretty sure I saw a couple 'officers' partying with some of the seniors at our school. They've driven by me while I was smoking a J several times without stopping me, though, I was with people who were smoking cigarettes.

    I'm sure you'll be fine if you just exercise some common sense
  15. vaped all throughout my freshman year in my friends dorm room. RA lived like 2 rooms down the hall, even came knocking on the door one time i was there, he never fucking knew, (at least he never said anything).

    smoked blunts in the woods next to the residence halls. heard some stories about campus police chasing students there but my friends and i never had any problems.

    could luck though man, getting caught sucks. my school it was twice and your out. damn!
  16. after 6 years of no school i got back to college on the 26th.

    it's gonna fuckin' suck.
  17. Start of my last semester. Can't fucking wait to get this over. Want to here a good story about some dumb ass freshmen last year. 3 dudes got kicked out of the dorms for smoking and selling like dumb shits in there dorm. So they all get a house together. 2 weeks after they move in they were making BHO and thought it would be a good idea to light a blunt. There literally blew the fucking roof off of the house. What made it worse was on the news they kept calling it a marijuana meth lab that blew up. No meth just hash.

  18. :eek: That's pretty crazy
  19. I think being sober all day is the way to go, until your done going to class and studying. Then once your done learning for the day i would light up. And you will also have the whole weekened to party and blaze.
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    I started writing this and realized I had written two pages of college life...I deleted all that and instead I'll just sum it up as best I can, while giving you some serious advice.

    -Always have condoms, it's college you may fuck at anytime..don't even get me started
    -You will have the best time of your life.
    -Be open to the new experiences
    -Don't care so much about smoking weed, it's not high school anymore dank will be everywhere.
    -DONT GROW POT IN YOUR DORM - you live there for a year, then you can live wherever and grow weed without having to worry about your RA walking in and seeing your buds hang drying...since there is SO much space in a college dorm (no, there is not)
    -Go to class, or fail out your first semester like the other retards, college isn't easy, it was tough as shit getting in, why would it be easy? It's work hard, and then play hard...give and take...balance young padawon.
    -Listen to your professors, shit make friends with some of them, treat them with respect, they may help you out A LOT, may even pass you if you meet with them and ask for their help
    -There is no such thing as a DD freshman/sophomore walk or call a cab if you have to, I may or may not have taken this advice, this will change btw, when you get older and start going to bars then cabs will be ALL around downtown
    -Don't party in your dorm during silent (finals) week...this is how you get caught with alcohol and have to do community service required by the University, since we are a dry campus...moving on.
    -Most/All frat guys are dicks/douche bags...get to know them, they fuck on the reg
    -You should not be in a relationship before college, or during your freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior yr....this one is sorta a joke, since I got with my girl in the middle of my sophomore yr, but I had a lotttt of fun before then. ;)
    -Last but not least, HAVE FUN

    This is all the knowledge and wisdom I can share. :bongin:

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