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  1. Ok so this is just a little bit of a story, but i would appreciate any advice from fellow blades. Currently, i am a senior (21) at a university in the midwest, but right now im having trouble meeting people. I picked this school cause it was close to home and my ex-gf was a grade below me in highschool still, so that plus the fact that my parents were suddenly hit by financial trouble. My dad lost his job to a disease when i was about to graduate highschool (spinal stenosis), and my mom had just quit her job before this happened because we were okay financially at the time (awesome). So now my dad only makes disability pay and my mom has a low paying job since she does not have a college degree. Anyway, so im basically stuck at this school for another year and a half.

    All my friends from highschool, which were all good friends since we kinda stuck together, are all gone and in seperate places (for diff reasons), i still talk to them frequently. But when i first applied to this school i was a dumb highschool kid who thought that all colleges were the same drinking/smoking/partying schools, but not this one. This school is just a bunch of fags who treat weed like its the same as smoking crack.

    So im currently stuck in a situation where i dont really like the guys that i meet (seriously, the guys who get girls at this school - literally sit around making fart noises at each other for hours, oh and are completely sober until they go drink and drive around). Right now i feel like i have no social network at all, and it really blows because the only girls that i get to meet right now are all at this school, and of all 20ish that ive macked on, every last one is in a long relationship or married, facebook confirmed lol (the rest of them are complete dogs). Now im not a abercrombie model, but im not ugly either, i had two long relationships in highschool with two brunettes - who by anyones standards are pretty hot. BTW serious highschool relationships can fuck up social networks, no joke.

    So this is the first time in my life ive had trouble meeting girls, and im in fucking college??? I dunno if people are more shy around redheads (i have auburn hair), but i just feel like people are intimidated by me sometimes (6'3" 200lbs, built lol). Im a social guy, but being an only child i dont always have the outgoing personality that i wish i did. I have met a few good friends at this school, but they are also in long term relationships and they dont have many single girl connections (kinda how it goes here, everyones in a relationship almost). Also, since i live at home (parents are chill, but a lil nosy), i have some confidence issues with bringing girls home to my unfinished basement - that is a mancave - furnished by two old ass couches. So what is a guy supposed to do to get laid? Help me out! Should i find another single dude and just start hunting game at bars? lol

    i dunno what to do with my life, im still trying to figure out what i wanna do with a business administration degree, and i just need some advice

    Thanks and sorry for the long story :smoke: blaze up
  2. What city is your college in? Or state/area if the city is too revealing.
  3. bro im in a similar situation used to get hella girls and had hella friends now im in boring ass north florida bymyself with no friends or family my age so im pretty much fucked too

    i dont have much advice for you but its always nice when someone can relate rite?

    anyway gl
  4. yea stikman i feel for ya! its good to hear that im not alone with this already. Ill toke to that lol :smoke:

    Im in the suburbs of st. louis, mo BTW
  5. 1) who cares about other guys even if they get girls. If they sit around making fart noises are they really any competition anyways?
    2) College Parties
    3) Inter-College traveling

  6. Open up and talk to anybody and everybody.

    Get a study partner or talk to someone next to you before class starts. Get a convo going and keep the contact going.

    Soon enough you'll at least make an acquaintance or perhaps a friend that will invite you to do things.

    Go to the library and sit next to some girls and talk. Either way you arent gonna get laid being quiet and secluded (I know this!).

    You say you're intimidating? So loosen up, crack a smile as you are walking to class. Stretch once in a while and give some looks like you just dont give a fuck :D This shows a level of confidence and will at least show others they can approach you.

    Good luck man, sorta in the same position until I met a nice girl in one of my classes :smoke:

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