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College Level Independent Study Topics?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Megotanthrax, May 21, 2013.

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    So I was trying to think of some topics in the marijuana field that could take enough material to be used for an independent study credit or two. I have my hands in the medical field and my major is Biology at UC Denver, so the laws are pretty loose as far usage. I have lots of questions, but after I do enough research on any of them, I generally find answers. What is a good under-researched topic in the marijuana field?

    Why dont you see if you can prove this:
  3. That's awesome, I'd love to test it. Also, I love bodybuilding, and I always smoke before I go, could this chemical "runner's high" positively effect weight lifters? It's been proven to increase heart rate (pre-workout market is over-saturated with methy chemicals) and relax smooth muscles (visceral organs and linings of blood vessels). I would love nothing more than to segue your idea into a more human based experiment, but I don't know where to start. 
    Just to spitball ideas, to my understanding, the animals in the post you did would be birds and migrating animals? How would you test this other than capturing animals, feeding them the cannaboids, and tracking their movement then comparing it to previous movements? I'm aiming for something a little more short term (1yr).
    Find out what eats it.
    See if you can prove that THC-a interacts with β-caryophyllene in the maner I discribe.  Find the receptors in the muscles and see if THC-a interacts with them and how.  Lots of different ways to slice & dice the issues you may want to just prove or disprove a portion and let some one else work on the rest of the question.
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    As you think about this remember that humans are natural agents in the affairs of this plant and it's reproductive stratigy also and as such are integral to the evolution of the issue.  Sleective breeding is not just something the "Wild Things" do, we all participate equaly.
  6. Yes, a friend and I were talking about how when humans where hunter/gatherer nomads, they probably fell into the same category. Then we talked about how it could've possibly played minor role in our evolution. 

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