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Discussion in 'General' started by Blaze_It_Up420, May 11, 2006.

  1. I changed my mind recently from the Air Force and applied to Umass dartmotuh and Framingham state since they were the only colleges that still accepted applications. I had mediocre grades, 79 avg, and got an 1100 on my SATs. I was applying really late though but I got my shit together last minute and it all worked out! :D

    I'm in such shock, I wasnt expecting to get in at all espcially since most schools were done accepting people months ago, but I did and probably still got housing:D Man this is such a good feeling that now I'm set for the rest of the year with nothing to worry about. God damn it's such a good feeling. I was debating about picking up tonight or not but I most definitly am goin to celebrate tonight with a half ounce of dank!:smoking: Tomorow is prom too, I guess this evens out me getting Pnuemonia.;)
  2. Im glad you're not going to go waste your time in our air force. Congrats :smoke:
  3. Congrats man, I loved college. What're you studying, or have you decided yet?
  4. I would of rather repeated high school than go to the air force

    have fun
  5. congrats man college is freakin one big party have fun
  6. congrats dude. :hello:

    Yes it is a big party, but make sure to balance your time(i fucked myself over winter quarter and now im paying for it in the spring)

  7. Congrats my fellow Mass blade, too bad I am going all the way out to Colorado next year. Good choice man... this blunts for you :smoke:
  8. Congrats! you got into mass or framingham right? cuz there's no way in hell you got into dartmouth with a 79 and 1100 SAT's. unless youre black of course.
  9. I got into Umass Dartmouth. Maybe my recomandations(which i was unable to read) and my college essay persuaded them?
  10. Dartmouth? as in the Ivy League University?

    jesus i had a 1460 SAT and 4.3 GPA. i should have applied to harvard.
  11. so ture..

    anyway, congrats on being accepted. ever since i was accepted to my college (gotta love being in top 10) i've completely stopped caring about high school. i just make my teachers laugh and they pass me. plus the extra time has been good to my habit...:)
  12. Im talkin about Umass dartmouth, just the regular state school, nothing special really. We must have our schools mixed up or something man. Umass Dartmouth is just a state university not a ivy league.
  13. Umass dartmouth is a sick school, its kinda ugly tho and there are rumors that the guy who built it loved 666 or somethin cuzz there are six steps everywhere, and the out line of the benches look like 666 ort soemthin crazy like that someone told me once. But its def a good time so enjoy. (they have some dankness there too, lots of it)

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