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  1. Hey. I got to this community college. Its my first year there and I've been going for like a month now. Pretty much all the people in my classes just keep to their selves. The thing is that there is some really hot girls that I would like to have sex with/date. I've never been much of the type of person to approach someone else, but it seems to me its the only way I'm gonna have a chance with some of these girls. How can i get these girls interested in me? What can I do to meet them?

  3. Start with hello. Conversation is a good start.
  4. Sure, but how do I just walk up to someone I have never spoken to before and start a conversation? Can you give me some advice?
  5. Do you share classes with these people?
  6. Yea, but none of them sit next to me or in the immediate vicinity..
  7. Really you just have to introduce yourself and just talk, what i mean by talk is ask her questions, listen to her responses, give some feedback, just flow with that and you'll be fine.:smoke:
  8. "Hello, I'm <insert your name>" always worked for me.
  9. well when i play that in my head I see:

    Me: Hey, I'm ______
    Her:.......(girls name)......
    Me: ?????????
    Followed by awkwardness
  10. Yeah, just say hello. Introduce yourself. And talk. It's as simple as that. There is no magincal words to get girls to like you right away. Just go up to them and say 'Hi' !
  11. well, I don't necessarily mean that. I guess what I am asking is how can i start a conversation after hello. Im'not really asking for words in specific but maybe you can give me an example of what you might say.
  12. make a comment on the weather, an example is "Beautiful weather isn't it?". Your just trying to get to know her and how she thinks.
  13. You could ask her what her major is.
  14. Always a go to.

    It's great when they have the same one as you :D
  15. "where did you go to high school"

    "play any sports"


    "what kinda music you like"

    "what other classes"


  16. You're putting the pussy on a pedestal.
  17. nah man I'm not I don't have trouble getting pussy, I'm an above average looking guy but the thing is girls usually come to me or I am introduced through a friend etc. I've never approached a girl I never spoke to before like this.
  18. Ask them what their majors are. How long they've been going there. Where they're originally from? Act interested in knowing about them.
  19. Girls that are smoking makes for easy conversation starters....
  20. You assign your own seats dont you bro. its college....Just show up early and take another douchebags seat next to the girl you desire.... Appear smart...and approachable....Hopefully this will bait a chick in around you into asking you a question ( works best in math class)
    For best results strategically choose your seat in close vicinity to 2 or more hot chicks so you improve your chances. This strategy worked well for me and i discovered it by accident....just talk about math and shit .....then have nerdy math sex.....

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