College, freak out, TRIPPING

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by SirPackAnother, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. the floor im on is all barbarians, we are the evolved civilized people of room 101, its like we have our own little colony and try to SPREAD and convert them. if it all fails, we can fend them off because of our superior intellect...look at them they are playing with blocks and trying to make a ball...its just ridiculous....and we poke out and play our fluent pipe and dance around the cages from the pit of fiery hell of which they are from!!!!!!
    :wave: im tripping as shit and its geeking my out badly
  2. lol. run to nature buddy thats where humans belong. not sardened in a small room with drunk idots.

    the world is yours my friend. not in the scarface way of domination but the world is your creation. people dont exist on a whim. create your reality, bring what you want into it and leave what you dont want on the curb.


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