College for Everyone?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aaronman, May 14, 2010.

  1. Experts say not necessarily

    Expect some harmful blowback from the government now taking over the student loan industry and further inflating the higher-ed bubble.
  2. The more people we send to college, the more will drop out. College graduation rates are ridiculous as it is.
  3. It also artificially drives up the cost of college.

    It took me 4 years of college to figure out that if I'd taken the 120,000+ I spent on my education, invested it properly, it would have been a superior investment in my future.

    Economics wise, college barely makes sense anymore.
  4. Ha, I never really thought of it that way. Even if I did, my college experience was a little different ..... I had to borrow money to pay for the first two years and then i got put on scholarship. I didn't really have the choice to take the money and run :)
  5. Here, the focus has shifted away from universities - there are incentives to try to get young folks into trades and apprenticeships, due to massive mining projects that require many more hands on deck, a housing crisis that is requiring far more homes to be built and a general need for labourers, tradesmen and such. And being a tradie is far more luctrative than the majority of university degrees, straight out of uni anyhow. My sisters boyfriend has been out of his apprenticeship for a month, and he's on a $80 000 a year wage as a low level carpenter. Fucking crazy money...

    That said, a lot of people (including myself) aren't geared up right for trades, or have any kind of interest in trades. Personally, I don't even care particularly about job prospects - I just want to LEARN about the subjects of my passion, biology and politics. I don't think the same applies to the majority of tradies - you never hear boilermakers say "Yeah, I was just so fucking hungry for knowledge about boilermaking when I started up my apprenticeship, was so fascinating!"

    I guess the point of this rambling rant is that different people have different abilities and different needs. I'm the most clumsy person ever to walk the Earth, and I have no ability to use tools - but I have some bangin' intellectual abilities, and have a hunger and even a NEED for education, to learn. My sisters boyfriend isn't particularly intelligent, and doesn't wanna get educated - he has the ability to use his hands well, and he has a need for MONEY, not education. So, different strokes for different folks, let us both have equal access to the future of our choices in the directions that we choose and everyone will be happy.
  6. in some fields a college dregree means nothing and in some degrees a college education means everything. at some point in persons life there education will drive them into a dead end. vital skills and internships are provided by colleges and i think ultimatley if a person wants to excell in the business word especially they need education. some people dont persue that type of career so they dont need a four year degree or a masters but it certainly helps that resume

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