College football game day cooking,,,of a '' hog'' pics.

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. IN CELEBRATION OF GAME-DAY a hog was slaughtered,,,,,


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  2. ,,and a peek at the birds,,,,:cool:

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  3. haha, I always like yours posts, chicken.

    Enjoy that pork!! I know I would.
  4. DAm chicken, where the plates at? Leme get some of that haha
  5. be my father

    so i can eat your fresh pork :p

    looks dank man
  6. the shit was off the chain,,,,,,but today it's b-bq pork sandwiches,,,,,and some ribs tonight,,,,,,

    look at the neighbourhood,,,,,in this pic, you got nice houses,,,a devolped,,area and then our hogs,,,,,,,,

    welcome to neck kingdom,,,,,,



  7. thats whats up chicken.

    you're a real man.

    kill and cook your own food.

    you should be on man vs. wild

  8. Haha oh man, either I have a dirty mind or theres some innuendo going on there haha.
  9. aw dude!! sick!!!

    my uncle does the same thing but on 4th of july,
    he does not cut it up, he roasted it, put apple in the mouth and let it roast for 6 to 8 hours
    then shedd it up, put on hamburger buns, put bbq on it
  10. my addy is.____________send me a couple lbs of side meat.....

    my kindof ham ham ham....i mean super super super....oops

    dang chicken im coming down south in a few weeks. u gonna hook me up w/some fresh BBQ?? ill bring the herbs.....LOL:wave:
  11. man vs wild ? i dont think so,,,,,

    but heres some more pics i took yesterday


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  12. damn straight...chicken that bbq looks sooo good....wanna send me some? i LOVE ribs and i bet yours are really dank since you seem to be a man who enjoys some of the finer things in life...really good bbq being one of them
  13. Thats whats up, personally though I like when the pig is still whole while being cooked not alive but you know just its neck sliced and what not.
  14. bump,,,,,because it's getting near supper time,,,,,,gonna make you blades hungry:rolleyes:
  15. i am starving and on my way to your place right now
  16. DAMN YOU CHICKEN!!!! I havent had a thing since breakfast and i am starving now! delicious looking pig there man! I think ill go cook some bacon...:p
  17. Show the finished food!
    gotta love the originality of chickens posts.
  18. chicken! please stop!!! im soooooooooo hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if i cant eat those delicious ribs i guess ill go buy a burger...wont be nearly as good:( +rep for that dank ass home cookin
  19. whent and got some chicken burgers from mcdonalds. not nearly as good as your pig but, it was good none the less
  20. Hahah, I remember I used to go this guy party when I was a little kid. He would slaughter a hog right infront of everyone and cook it.

    Pretty damn redneckish

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