College Football and NFL Pick'em

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    So football season is coming up and I thought it would be cool to start Pick 'em's for both college football and the NFL.

    Each week the winner will get a +rep from me and whoever wants to contribute.
    I will announce the winner each week. If you want to join please post the name of pick sets bellow. Thanks!

    It is on
    more specifically and

    The group name is: Grasscity

    The group id# for college is: 16919
    The group id# for NFL is:32650

    and the password is : ganja

    and that goes for both NFL and College football.

    So please join!

    College Football Pick'em
    Deutschbag- Best Picks Ever
    Perpetual Burn- Perpetual Burn
    Mikerelliftw- Mikerelliftw

    NFL Pick'em
    Deutschbag- 2ndBestPicksEver
    Blazedandcrazed- blazedandcrazed
    Mikerelliftw- Mikerelliftw
    Bluntzilla420- Bluntzilla420
    LegitBaller- Legit
    fawada28- fawada
    nugglord_420- nugglord420
    supermiker- blowed out

  2. I'm in.

  3. K just make your pick set name and tell me what it is. Thanks :hello:
  4. bump...come on i know there are some football fans out there
  5. its a private group right. it requires the group ID# not the group name to sign up

  6. good call sir

    ill edit the original post
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    I'm in. Pick Set Name- Perpetual Burn.

    We need to get more people in on this... this could turn out pretty cool.

    I'll just be participating in the College section because I don't really follow the NFL too closely.
  8. Im in the nfl one. we need more people im surprised at the lack of participation
  9. bump

    come on join now!

  10. sweet..:hello:

    needz moar!
  11. Part of the problem is these forums aren't really viewable to public eye. You can find them if you look a lil bit but you kind of just scroll by them(or atleast I do) most of the time
  12. I'm a tad confused on how this works?

  13. Join the group. Then you get the list of games for the week. For college its only for the teams that are in the top 25 and for NFL its every game. You pick the winner. Whoever has the most points wins that week. Its really fun.
  14. I'm in. I want more rep muahaha.
  15. Ya have until Thursday to make your picks or join the NFL one

    Looks like the NFL one will be the main one since the college one is closed already.
  16. Mikerelliftw... FTW. Congrats.

    Bonus: Tennessee vs UCLA

    I've got Tennessee.

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