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Discussion in 'General' started by half and half, May 10, 2004.

  1. Well people, this next week i have my finals, 1 for government, 2 for psychology, 1 for english(already did it, got an A...english is easy shit)

    Get HIGH, Take test HIGH, make HIGH grades is my solution.......Just kidding

    Wish me luck my friends
  2. Good luck my friend. Im so glad I didnt take spring classes.... cause Id be taken the finals now. YUCK!

  3. in about 5 hours, my exam rollercoaster kicks off. Physics today, tuesday C++, and wednesday calculus 2. I have slept about 7 hours the last 2 days. I dont plan on sleeping a full night until tuesday night, because calc2 is easy. I hate college sometimes.
  4. YES! Good luck to all you that have exmas!

    ^^^lol, I need to go back to school! xmas? EXAMS!! goodluck!! :D
  5. English is pretty easy.

    hence, why I am an English major witha minor in writing
  6. d2000, what's you're major?

    I just finished my exams. Comp Sci 302, Cal 3, Sociology 110, and Religious Studies 102. I'm glad to already be done with my Physics sequence and Cal 1 and 2.
  7. damn i wish my finals were this week..all my friends back home get out this week...but i have anothe rmonth of classes. We started a month after all the other colleges did, so we get another we have 2 sememsters or quarters or whatever, so we take only 3 classes a quarter/semester, but these semesters go 9 classes for me this a month longer of school!! damn!!

  8. I see you live in seattle man...which means you probably go to the UW, like me, except I was born and raised here. Yeah, it sucks that we don't even get out of school until the beginning of June! And while everyone else is just finishing up finals, we have to take midterms!

    by the way, there are so many hawaiians at UW! and they are all so chill. I love hanging out with them, plus they are some of the coolest kids to smoke with!
  9. inferior, i am mechanical engineering.

    update: i shitted on my physics exam, saved my whole semester. finished with a B in the class.

    c++ is tomorow, probably second all nighter in a row tonite.
  10. I got four starting next Monday. I'm just finishing all my presentations this week and then it's time to cram hardcore.
  11. Gah, I'm on quarters and it's only week 7 out of 10 this week. I've still got sooo much to get done, and I have friends that are out already. I'm not too mad though, I'm off wrk tonight, it's 5:30 and I've got a beer and my boy is making me cheeseburgers, it's a good day/
  12. finals update! i did horrible on c++ this morning, even through crazy cheating, it just wasn't clicking. i think everyone did pretty shitty though, lets pray for a curve.

    calc tomorow, should be easy, tonight i will finally sleep.
  13. Next week I have finals and then no more dorm where I can get busted!!! yea... I only have three classes this term, so my finals are english, marketing, and java. English and marketing are a pushover, but java might be tough.
  14. Moving from Rec. use to the General forum. :)
  15. I had my finals a while ago. But I split up my winter semester, taking just 3 classes and I just started my may/june semester like a week ago. Its all right, only 7 weeks long and I get fridays off.

    Calculus 2 and Physics 2 its still kinda tough. How can you say calculus is easy? Its the one I have most trouble with.
  16. i got raped on c++, failed the class. calc went harder then i thought. fuck life. im drunk. peace.
  17. my last day was tuesday.... here's how it went...

    Marketing: B+

    Intro to Business: A

    Comp Art (intro to CG): B+ might get lifted to an A depending upon how much she likes my extra collage

    Intro To comp: A

    Holocost: A

    This was by far my best semester yet in the last year and a half.... im very content.... my Gpa went up from an 2.75 ( last semester and a 2.6 the one before that) I know i got at least a 3.5 hopin for 3.6 - 3.8 range, but we'll see...

    I just hope that this gives my cumulative avg a huge kick in the ass, as it would help me get the transfer i want next year... Plus taking 16 credits and working almost full time is a realy pain in the arse, glad its overwith for now.... me :)
  18. Good job gravy.
    Last semester I had:

    A- in Chemistry, what my majors gonna be
    C in Biology. i hated it
    B- in Calculus 1

    But I dont put in as much work into school as I should.

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