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  1. Do you think a large majority of college student's change the way they act for when they go to college to seem cool or stand out?

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    I go to college but I still live at home and stil hang out with all the people I hung out with since middle school.

    If you are talking about like if someone moves to another state and completely changes their attitude around the people they hang out with, I dont think there are many people like that.

    I think this is more common in the lower grades like middle school or high school. In college MOST (emphasis on the most) people are mature or at least starting to mature and are in touch with who they really are, and the way they act with people. I think if someone changes the way they act around someone to try and stand out or seem cool it is in their personality not going to college that does that, they have probably always done that.

    I am sure a lot of people have that problem though.
  3. good points. most people in college seem to be legit

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