College drug rankings!

Discussion in 'General' started by JRR Tokin', Apr 18, 2006.

  1. I don't get it... is the site "anti-drugs," as in if you don't want to do drugs or be around it, you'd want to go to a University with a higher grade... or if you want drugs, is the higher grade better?

    If it's the latter, I'm surprised West Point is on there, if the former... makes sense.
  2. interesting B+ for my school last year.
  3. school i am going to next year has a B+

    current school isnt on there tho
  4. THe site is anti-drug...... that would mean a b+ isnt that great of a grade.....or am i just confuzzled?
  5. i dont think it really matters, my school is covered in drugs, you just have to be in the loop.

    but all schools are like this, this is really a pointless site....cuz what kinda people are they asking anyway?
  6. yeah for real. lets just say that the school i will be going to next year has some FAT connections, just gotta know where it's at is all

  7. i know i go to a very very small school.... about 2700 kids.... and at anytime id say there has to be a few lbs of some decent beasters and some headies on campus.....and more coke than anyone could possibly blow. i just dont get the grades they are giving on the site.....
  8. The site is from an anti-drug an A+ would mean "yay no drugs, now my son won't kill any small children when exiting the drive thru"...wheras F would be "fuck, so he killed the little girl on her bike, at least he's not shooting H."

    My school got a C+...i think that's about right. You've gotta know people.
  9. alright so im not confused thats what i thought, what a garbage ass site, why would someone post this trash?
  10. My school gets a B+
  11. hahahah, my schools not even on the list. SFA is covered in drugs and alcohol.
  12. ya the school i go to now is not on the list and thats for fucking sure. Me and my friend are the only people that know people back home and we go home almost every weekend.
  13. Reading the bottom helps:

  14. C-

    I'm suprised they think my school has a big drug culture. It really doesn't. There's a lot of drinking, and a lot of clubbing, but I've always considered the drug culture to be very small at my school, since the vast majority of students are the type of idiots who drink themselves retarded and then look down their nose at anyone who smokes a joint.
  15. B for my school. lots of the preppy rich girls and gay guys (read 50-60% of my school) do coke. i know this because my dealer sells to them. huge population of stoners, but what can u really expect from a media arts college.
  16. Brigham Young takes 3rd!!!! lmao
  17. my friend goes there and she does both!!

    mine's B- btw.
  18. Hahahaha, UVM C+. Nice, I'm excited. Apparently they don't even have classes on 4/20.

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