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  1. Heyo blades and bladettes,

    I'm moving into the dorms this semester instead of rooming at someone's place like last year, and I wanted to know if your school ever took/takes drug dogs through your dorm building? I'm not stupid about my storage of weed, and I'm not going to be smoking in my room or near the dorm, but I do need to keep it somewhere. Currently, I have my weed in a sealed jar and my piece quadruple bagged and I put all of them into a small locked firesafe security chest ( :D ) and always have the keys hidden in my wallet, so I'm not being a dumbass about it.

    I just don't want to get fucked and ruin my schooling years. I'm going to a big public university and stay under the radar and don't talk about my greenage, but want to cover myself before moving in.

    Grassyass. :smoke:
  2. IDK about bigger schools but I went to a private school and never saw a dog. If you get caught with greenery in your dorm its more than likely one of your neighbors, or an RA telling on you.

    best place to hide your bud is somewhere that if they search they wont look or arent interested in looking. I use to put my bud in a bag in put it in that powdered laundry detergent that I kept under my sink. When I got searched they didn't find shit, just took my glass. As far as hiding glass, if you have one of those grid ceilings keep it in there. If the campus cops or an RA comes into your room and doesn't see a logical reason to search then they cant.

    Lastly, if by some crazy reason you do end up getting searched just be cool about it and keep up the story that theres no bud in the room. If you get irate and start acting crazy they'll just call the real cops who WILL bring dogs.
  3. never happened at ASU NJCU CCU or UNCC =P
    what school is it?
  4. Schools have better shit to do than catch people smoking weed. As long as you're not walking around smoking it in public and you don't make it painfully obvious that you have weed, nobody is going to bother you. I can only speak from my own experience but universities are there to teach you not to prosecute you.

  5. you went to UNCC? im going there in the spring, how is it there?
  6. if an ra wanted to search your room the first thing they would check would be your safe... and they can tell you "open the safe or move out".
  7. Private Universities don't need cause to search your room.

  8. This is true, I never thought of this. I guess I could use it to store actual valuables and then just be more creative with the weed and piece, like the laundry soap idea. (Thanks for the idea. :p)

    I'm going to Univeristy of Utah, 30k students here.

    Thanks for the input fellows, but like I said, I'm pretty secretive with my greenage and wouldn't dare smoke in my room. I guess I shouldn't have an issue.
  9. UNCC :D (I just live close by)

    I swear there's a lot of NC people around the city.
  10. u should b fine if u stay under the radar and dont smoke in ur dorm or sell out of it.
  11. Aw man. I legitimately thought this thread would be about mustaches after reading the title.

  12. They do? or at least mine did. Last semester someone told them that me and my friends were smoking when we weren't so they came in and looked around didnt see any weed or anyone smoking weed, but the room stank like bud (Smell isn't license for them to search, they even said they had to SEE either weed or drug paraphernalia in order to search)he was about to leave when he saw my bong next to my desktop. After he saw the bong he called his back up and was like we have reason to believe that they have weed in the room and got to searching.

    IDK about other schools but they needed a legit reason to be searching, and even if they did have reason to search the University security was prohibited from searching your residence without you being there and the consent of either you, your parent or guardian, or the residence director or director of housing.
  13. Normally at that big of a school i'd say zero chance they give two shits about weed buts its Utah. Just get a glass airtight jar.
  14. Just as everyone else has said, lay low, don't come across an obnoxiously obvious smoker, and you should be fine.

    Trust me, if a University truly sought to eradicate Cannabis use on their campus, they would very quickly lose about half of their student body. The only time they are really going to go through the effort of conducting a search is when they can clearly smell something emanating from your room.
  15. Someone say 'stache?

  16. ya, that happened one time...i had just got 2 dank o's and apparently the hall/exterior of my room smelled.

    all that happened was the RA came in, told me it smelled like weed, asked if i had weed, which i denied, and he left. then i went right back to vaping :D
  17. Vaping in your room isn't too hard if you're looking for a way to do that ;)

    Just hide your shit and don't make it obvious you're smoking/holding.

    Oh, and yes, grow a 'stache too.
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    Then buy a safe just for that and don't put the weed in it. Distraction FTW!

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