College dorm grow!! Micro with 50w CFL! Bagseed with pics

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  1. So... I just ordered a bunch of seeds off of the attitude and well see if I get those. I order 5 femed Trainwrecks so hopefully they turn out to be of good genetics. Anyway, while im still stuck in a dorm at school here, Id figure i would give growing some bagseed a shot. I got one of four seeds to germinate, which i know is terrible, and got a little setup going in a shelf/cabinet thing. I went out and replaced the old bulb for my desk lamp with a 25w 2700K CFL and got my roomates desklamp with the same set up for when the plat gets a little bigger. I also am facing directly east and get the morning sun, which im sure i will use at some point. I also have a timer. I plan on going 18/6 for about a week just to give the little guy some growth and then switching to 12/12 to flower. Should be an interesting expieriment and I am intrested to see what kind of bud, if any from it. Soil, water and everything are all untreated and im not going to be using nutes since it will be so small... Hopefully magnesium is not a problem.

    Thanks for looking and ill keep you guys informed.

    The first picture is a picture of my current setup, and the second is of the little guy poking up out of the ground.

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  2. with one seed, it might turn out to be a male. Good experiment though to try out before getting onto the good genetics, looks like youve done a bit of homework anyways. For future if you plan on vegging a bit longer, you'll want the daylight bulbs 6500k for vegging, the 2700k for flowering.

    Good luck on your experiment. Careful to keep room locked.
  3. Yah i know. I have some other seeds germinating but im banking on this one for now. My quarter is almost done anyway and ill have a week off. I know i need the daylight bulbs for vegging, but the height restrictions limit me to about 6 to 7inches. haha but anyway should be funny seeing some little ladies flower at about 4inches. And the room locked is not a big deal. Our floor alone in our dorm goes through about an ounce of weed a week, so it already smells like one giant bud. haha
  4. If it smells like weed all the time isn't it a bit risky to be growing in a dorm? Not trying to defer you, thats just a pretty big charge to catch for one plant in a dorm. Not to mention you certainly would be expelled if you were caught.
  5. ya bro, first off i'd say be careful, extra careful in a dorm. keeping bud that you bought in there alone can be risky. I'm in college too(first year) but live off campus and am currently growing an auto ak47 plant. I'm still a bit scared about the quarterly inspections they do at my place, but they're pretty lax, and my ra smokes weed for sure, but when it comes to inspections you never know who they might send.

    as far as your grow i would definitely add some more lights. i don't think 50w is gonna cut it for one plant. if you're gonna do it get up to at least 100w of cfl's. try some lst too if space is an issue im sure you know about that too.

    good luck with your grow, check out mine if you want its in the sig.
  6. Yah its really not that big of a deal though. I know of at least 3 or 4 other guys that are growing little plants in their rooms too. Its mainly just an expieriment before my trainwreck and WW seeds get here. Besides, the seeds were just from bag seed. We dont have inspections in our rooms either. Even if you get caught smoking here you get 3 warnings before you get kicked out and I havent even gotten warned for toking yet.

    But i understand your concern.. If it gets out of control im just gunna toss the plany.. Which i know is sad.

    As far as lighting is concerned, im going 12/12 from seed to finish, so I doubt the plant will get very big. And i just wanna see what i can get off with the two lamps that i already have in my room. I already had to go buy a timer and new bulbs and i wanna keep this under $20. haha

    So well see. Im actually not at my dorm for today. Getting some with the girlfriend haha. But Happy Valentines day! Ill get back tomorrow and take some pics to see the progress.
  7. i may have grown in a dorm id never do it again wasn't worth the stress of worrying all the time/ im not telling you not to but is one plant worth getting kicked out of school? hah gl anyway!
  8. also the smell of bud and the smell of budding plants are two very different things, budding plants is much more pungent and it stays alot longer. Unmistakeable once youve grown. You wont be keeping this secret in a dorm unless you have some sort of odour control
  9. Yah.... guess i was kinda concerned about that. but really the plant is going to be real small. Like a PC Micro grow size... I may end up just putting a box of baking soda in there for deordizing fridges/freezers to help.

    I realize everyone is harping on me for this. But its just a little fun. Like i said, if it gets out of control, its going straight into a garbage bag. I Dont think it will be though. Besides... I still have to wait to see if its a female!!!!
  10. You could invest like twenty dollars into some plywood and make a little 3' - 3' or something.

    Just be careful..

  11. I think im going to invest in some of those light bulbs that eliminate odors. The cabinet that its in right now is about 10' feet off the ground and the only way you can open it is by climbing onto my bunk and leaning across to reach it. Ive read some reviews that those odor elimating bulbs work well, and thats really all im worried about.

    Cant wait to get back tomorrow and see how they're doing. Hehe
  12. i dont know man,

    Ive thought long and hard about growing in my dorm... two perfect closets place for clones... its just not worth it though

    the amount you would yeild off this one little plant will be a half O MAX and thats if no one yanks it or sec finds it.

    Just being in a dorm the school has the right to enter when ever they want.... regardless of what they say in their rules the law says they can. random fire checks/ ra inspection things idk what they might have at your school but id say its not worth possible fines- law suit- and being kicked out

    think about it.... even if it seems like no one would ever come in ie its never happened yet, doesnt mean it could never happen.
  13. dude you should put a lock or something ust so no one opens it. i thought about doing that in my room, but they rarely do inspections at my place. idk just a thought for extra security, it may look a little suspicious to an ra if they see a cabinet w/ some makeshift lock on though lol.
    if you go through w/ it good luck man
  14. Yah its going through... Like i said... ive never had a problem and no one on my floor has. If they're honestly going to go through my shit, Im sure the half o of weed i have on me anyway will get me thrown out....

    I just got my roommate to check on it. Apparently its already 3 inches and the first leaves have opened up! For bagseed thats pretty good lol Anyway, when i get back im gunna setup the other light.
  15. Is it really worth the risk of getting kicked out / expelled from school from getting caught. Your biggest worry is your roommates, they're going to be excited about it and tell a few friends who will know where you live and word will get around until the wrong person hears it and your caught.

    With that aside, I'm sure your plant will grow and in about 3-4 months and you'll have a great half ounce of weed.

    I'll be watching, GL!
  16. Ok... so like i said. I already thought about this and its happening. My roommate is psyced about the grow so its all out from here. I got another light on my the little guy. Ill take some pics tonight. She looks a litle stretched out from not having enough light so i beefed it up. Ill prolly go out and get some more lights and shit tomorrow.

    Does anyone know of some natural fertilizers that i can use that would be good? I was thinking of molasses.
  17. Your soil doesn't have any nutrients in it? If not you should get some fertilizer with an NPK of 15 - 5 - 5 or similar. Also you need to know the ph of the water your feeding it, I would go with distilled water for now.
  18. No right now im just using natural soil and letting the tap water sit out overnight to let the chlorine evaporate. Ill prolly go to the hardware store tomorrow, get one more light, some nutes, and some sort of odor control. Im gunna post a pick of what i got going right now.
  19. Here we go


    Day 4 from Germination.
    Light Cycle: 18 / 6
    Nutes: None
    Light Specs: 2 x 23 watt 2700K CFL
    Water: Tap, but let chlorine evaporate... No idea of the ph.

    I know I still need a few things. Ill prolly add another 27watts of 2700k tomorrow along with purchasing some nutes and distilled water. The height is prolly at 3 inches, because it stretched but i have moved the plant within 1-2 inches of the light and have seen no more stretching.

    Any questions or concerns please let me know! So far so good.. Lets hope for a female!

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  20. Wow man. Kudos to you on attempting a dorm grow, I definitely didn't have the balls. About the PH of tap water...its very consistently 7, being that is the most neutral liquid and the most potable for humans. It may be slightly lower, but the only real way to test it is to get a PH test kit...real cheap and easy.

    Good luck with the rest of your grow sir.

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