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  1. I'm nervous that I'm not smart or dedicated enough to get a college degree.

    Luckily it's all paid for since I was in the military so I don't have to worry about that but I'm just nervous that I'm gonna fail. Ive taken a couple of college courses at community college and that didn't seem so hard but eventually I'm going to need to get my Bachelors at a university.

    My real question is, do you know anyone with a Bachelors degree who wasn't much of an intellectual?
    Way too many. Don't sweat it train. Based on your posts and your training, you'll kick ass. :smoke:
  3. Aww. You're sweet. Thank you.
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    Really it just takes some self-discipline. Being in the military should have prepared you well enough in that respect. If you go to class. Read the material. And review before your tests, it honestly is not too difficult. It's also important for your professor to know you put in the effort. Just going to class should take care of that but getting involved in the lecture by asking questions helps too. That kind of effort can often make a letter grade's difference, especially when your grade is on the margin.
  5. A girl I am friends with has her bachelors. She cant spell the word Tounge correctly. She has misspelled Of. (Tung and Ove) No joke. You'll do fine. Just give a shit. Work your ass off, and if your grades start to slip try to talk to the professor about it, They LOVE that shit, when people care about their grades etc. You will do great have pride and faith in yourself and you will do great things :D
  6. Honestly the only thing about college is being able to do what you're told to do and turn it in on time. Anyone who can do that can get a degree.
  7. This made me laugh out loud lol.

    In that case, I'm golden.
  8. An average student who works hard, will often do better than a smart, but lazy one! And I work in education, so I know! :D
    Save the cannabis as a reward for after you finish your homework. Get started ASAP on any assignment- last time I was in college, the kids thought I was nuts for starting my term paper 2 weeks into the class! (Just as soon as I knew what the prof liked in his papers) But at the end of the semester, THEY were going nuts trying to finish the term paper AND study for finals. My paper was done so I had plenty of time to study, and have some fun! :smoke:
    And you might consider getting a copy of "Granny Storm Crow's List" - it has all the studies you could possibly need to do an "A+" paper on cannabis! To get your free copy, just send me an email! (See the bottom of my sig for my addy)
    I think you will do just fine! :yay:
    Granny  :wave:
  9. Yea college isnt really about how smart you are its just about how dedicated you are to studying and getting homework done..also you can look up professors on ratemyprofessor and myedu which helps a lot to not get shitty professors
    Do you mean tongue? :p
  11. :hide:   I didnt say I was the one with the bachelors! haha. No excuse for not proofreading but i struggled with dyslexia in middle and high school.  sometimes my hands and head do not communicate correctly.
  12. I love college! I wish that I could become a full time student and major in almost everything. It sucks not being able to decide on a carreer at all; I mean music is my passion and music tech/music performance are my majors. This isn't fair though because I also want to be an archaeologist, sociologist, author, professor, park ranger, cannabis grower, resturant owner, historian, engineer, pure mathematician, and developer of a kenjutsu style/dojo owner. Being 21 and confused sucks :l
  13. If you're good at "playing the game" and just going along with a system in order to achieve a result, which you seem like a smart enough individual to do, getting a degree is certainly attainable. Especially if you're studying a concrete subject like a science, you just have to be able to remember information and recite it back. It's not about being a deep thinking intellectual and coming up with big ideas these days. One thing that I find kind of hard, though, is that you have to do a lot of dense academic writing; these people just won't give you a good grade for explaining things succinctly and correctly. They often expect you to be all poetic about it and give you points for talking in circles.
  14. College is easy, if you truly want to succeed in college and not fail, then you won't fail and you will probably be successful. All college so far has been to me is learning how to manage time better. Considering you have a military background I am sure you know a thing or two about time management and you can do just fine. Starting homework early is the key as well if you are looking to have a social life. I would start a paper that was due in two weeks and work on it a bit each and every day, which allowed for more free time during the day or at night to go out with people. 
    You'll be perfectly fine OP, don't worry about it, just enjoy
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    Nothing in your previous life, high school or job experiences, really matters when you obtain a college degree. You start fresh, almost everything you learn will be new or at least the way you learn things. All it takes is the dedication you put forth. If you want to graduate with a good GPA, you just have to put in the time/work. I knew nothing of Biology/Chemistry, or essentially any sciences, but I just studied and got by. 
    My older brother was god awful. I legitimately considered him an idiot. He wasn't dumb as a person  but just didn't take things seriously  Cs, Ds, and Fs from middle school to high school. He still didn't do that well in his first two years of community college, but then actually worked hard when he transferred, and got into a midwestern dental school. He's probably going to specialize as an orthodontist  and be making big ass bucks soon. 
    You need to ask yourself why you want it, and give yourself that reason. You need to find that dedication; it's as simple as that. 
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    At least you have options. I don't really have a clue what I want to do. I'm thinking social work because I'd like to work with young mothers but I'm not 100% sure.

    And thanks for all of the replies, blades. Special shout out to Granny. You always give the best advice.
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    My best advice to you is try everything you can if possible. When you go to college you don't need a set major at first as your first 2 years are like a continuation of high school anyways. You will have time to go around and talk with people/professors of other majors and you will get a huge insight into the world.
  18. I have things that interest me. I guess I talk myself out of everything that I'm interested I'm because I don't think that I'm good enough to do them.

    It's ridiculous but for some reason my thoughts go to, 'You can't do that. You're not good enough.'

    It's kind of sad now that I think about it.
  19. If you can convince yourself with so much ease that you can't do these things, then logically you should be able to convince yourself that you can just as easily. It is a basic psychology technique; the only thing stopping you is your mind.
    The chances are you are just overwhelmed by the realities of life, I know I was for several years, but the only way around these things is to think from a different prospective.
  20. I'm guessing you'll do fine.  Choose your school and program well, maybe find something where a lot of undergrads can get summer work or work-study with Profs, working alongside/under grad students on experiments and trips, etc.  
    I bet you make it.  

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