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  1. I am currently studying at a co-ooperative education school, which means that for half the year i work a paid internship at a company of my choice that involves work in the major i am in and the other half of the year i take classes.

    Its a great school and the co op program really seems like a great idea because it kind of forces you to get a job, so by the time i graduate i will already have job experience on top of my degree. The thing is is thats its a pretty expensive school, and while i got some help on tuition its still gonna be tight for me and my family.

    Ive been thinking about transferring next year to a school in my home state that has a high ranked program for the major i am in, so ill be studying in a great program for about half the price of the school im in now. This sounds good, but a co op program also sounds good. I wont make my final decision until the end of the year, but the thought crosses my mind every once in a while of transferring.

    Can anyone give me some words of wisdom
  2. If your family can make it moneywise, stay where you are. Money spent on education is often money well spent. (Of course only if you are getting what you pay for, if you pay double but only get a slightly better education, thats another thing. And also I dont know the figures for you guys in the US, I pay only 1000$/years for a normal University, because the rest is paid for by the german government.) But speaking money/education in general Id say its good to invest in the future, often the money will come back to you if your career takes of.Co-op education is pretty helpful in the future. If I were you Id stay where you are. But in the end its your life/your education/your decision.
  3. in the us universities run from 10,000 a yr to 25000 a yr for most universities and can reach up to 50k a yr.
  4. apply to public schools, go to cheapest school the college u graduate from doesnt matter.

    Theyll all oarty hard thats the only thing that does matter
  5. I know that a degree is a degree, but the thing keeping me at the school im at now is the co-op program. When i graduate i will have worked 3 semesters at a paid internship on top of my degree.

  6. Depends. What field are you studying to go into?
  7. Computer Science

  8. I dont agree. A degree is not a degree. Well you are right if you want some job. If you want to make real career College/Grades/Internships/experience do make a difference.

  9. See now I don't think an internship is a big deal for comp science. I'm going for psych and things like that are a big deal but computer technologies are in such high demand that I really do not think an internship is going to be anything except icing on your cake.

    Go for it if you want to but you career is in demand and growing that way. There is no way in the near future that employers are going to be needing less tech guys. People with a four year computer degree have it made ha. No worries man.
  10. Thats what i was thinking. However it can't hurt. Plus, the money i make can go towards my tuition and the average salary for each internship cycle is 10-15k
  11. I Dont know dude, its your life. The end.

  12. i agree i just wanted to see what others thought about it. i have alot of thinking to do

  13. To be honest, a degree doesnt go as far as it used to. If you are getting a ton of loans for this school then you need to back away immediately. No program is worth the hell that excessive loans put you through in the long run, even if it does look good for the 4 years you'll be attending.

    A comp sci degree though is one of those in high demand though like the other person said. I really don't think you need the co-op to land a good job when you're done. In a regular school, there will be plenty of opportunities for summer internships and whatnot so why break the bank doing something you can do at a public school?

    Just keep your grades up and the internships will come.
  14. I have a sibling who also has 2 more years of private highschool which is expensive as well. it will be tight for both me and my family if i continue to stay at the school im at. the co-op helps but it wont completely pay off my tuition. The state school im thinking of transfering to will greatly decrease the cost of my education and it arguably has a better comp sci program.

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