College Close Calls

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by stache321, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. So anyone have any stories from college of close calls or getting caught while on/off campus, or any kind of experience that has happened.

    I have a few stories, but i just wanna see if anyone has anything crazy happen to anyone else. :bolt:
  2. One time my man showed up at our dorm room, but the cops came by that evening due to reports of rowdiness and what not. So we pull him into our room and wait there. The cops knock on our door thinking we were the ones who were rowdy so we open our window and the guy shoves what he has into his pants and holds onto the edge of the window like hes about to do a pull-up, with only his fingers visible (this is on the 2nd floor). One of our friends stands i front so the cops couldnt see his fingers and we talked to the cops for 5 min then when they left our guy pulled himself up and we got our bud.
  3. That sounds like crazy shit lol I have had so many close calls at this school its super sketchy for me to even have it on campus anymore :smoking:
  4. Fuckin ninja status, I love it
  5. Not really. My RA has been in my room and seen my roomie's bong. She doesn't give a FUCK hahaha :)

  6. Well my RA will write you up for anything my roommate screamed shut up that is it and he got written up for it

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