College=Bullshit, The Government Dumbs Us said the crazy man at my office!

Discussion in 'General' started by Young Dro, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. This guy was very smart actually...he claims, "Ive been a millionaire and lost it all many times over, shit if i wanted to make a million right now i could, i dont need it now tho"...he told me to read a book he called it "the greatest book ever and it will change your life". I dont know if it will, but i bought it...its some self help book haha but it sounded legit. Then he said all the things in the topic title. He said the schools dont teach you shit and theyre training us to be dumbed down unhappy drones. I think he's right. As crazy as I believe this man to be the combination of suggesting the book and the things he was saying about college (that i felt before)...hes on to something. LOL Im just blazed babbling, but I wanted to tell someone, ya digg?

    I forgot to mention...he said at his peak fitness he could run 100+ miles every week...he had some grand statements but i think theyre all true, he had no reason to lie, haha, he knew i knew he was crazy
  2. College is nothing more than a business. To have us drop $20,000 for an education (something we'll need to further advance in this life-style.), that's extortion.
  3. EXACTLY. I have about ten self projects i want to pursue but the comfort of financial stability and a solid future is so hard to break out of. Im going to start some ventures on the side this year and if anything takes off im leaving early to go pro, lol. I can always go back for a degree shaq!
  4. well, go ahead and not go to college. Dont work your ass off and dont get that degree... just one less person i'll have to compete with later! Seriously just because that stuff works for one person doesn't mean your gonna get anything that easy. Nothing worth having comes easy. Dumbed down drone? Hell no, i've learned so much stuff in the last year that i'm a compleatly different person because of it. College has if anything made me smarter and function better in society.
  5. After going to college I feel more intelligent and more happy. When I was 18 I was a fool. I thought that education was a scam. Now that Ive finished school I look back at myself with embarrassment. Im an enormously better person now and I owe a big part of it to 3 or 4 amazing professors. If it was not for college I would be another relativist wandering through life with no direction. It is true that most of the stuff you learn in college is useless but the small bits of important info and experience are priceless. College costs more than it should but it is worth it. If you look at education as a business proposition then you have missed the point. Money can not buy the satisfaction I have in being an educated person. Im sure that some people do not need school to have what I have but they are the minority. Unless you are a prodigy you need someone to assist your education if you wish to reach your peak. The reason that people have come so far is that they stand on the shoulders of those who came before them.

  6. Exactally...and a lot of funding and investments come from Corporate America. Along with these very large "donations" is an agenda that colleges and universities are told to follow if they want to keep recieveing "donations." It works out perfect for the corporate juggernauts. We go to school, take out numerous loans that we must pay back, learn skills that meet the wants and needs of todays big businesses, and end up being the perfect employee because we need to make money to pay off loans; therefore corporations never have to look to far for there future employees. The system has been set up this way for a looooong time.
  7. True. You're right in a sense of "this society." We're in the "American Dream" society. Yet, some don't fit that. Right now, its "Get as smart as you can, join the best college, study there, get a great job, earn a shit-load of money, prestige, and respect, and die a happy man.

    Great. That's fun, for about 80%. I respect that choice, just as much as any other choice. With deep thought and introspection.

    But, what about those guys, who really don't want to "finalize" their career path in life at the young age of 18? Granted, we're probably gonna have about 4 different major's, and choices of jobs. But, we could have easily just as waited, explored life a little, and THEN, found out what's best in our interests.

    I believe the human mind doesn't work as well when its in a regiment. It likes to be free, explore, and learn at its own place. To blossom as it will.

    I also believe in learning the basics. Common science, writing/speaking skills, and math. These are always uniting.

    So...if you're just about to graduate high and pressured by college. Fuck it. Who cares? Take some time off, learn about who you are. That way, in a few years, you'll be more caring in which to drop $20,000 on. :smoking:
  8. College doesn't even guarantee you a good job with decent pay anymore.
  9. Well.

    From a practical standpoint, in two years of college courses majoring in Music, I've learned a lot about music performance and theory, as well as developing skills in improvisation, composition, and aural acuteness that would take years to develop had I gone it alone.
  10. Yeah I know. Especially for me. I was an environmental studies major. It was about the enrichment for me. If it was about the cash I would have been a business major.
  11. Maybe I'm biased. I just just prefer self-teaching.

    I can teach myself better than any teacher could. Not being rude to them, but I feel like I know myself and my learning habits better than anyone else.
  12. You know whats funny. I must have spent $3000k+ over 4 years on school books. I did my work and got my reading done but was always spiteful about it because I hated how I was being forced to do it for a good "grade." Now that im out of college, I find myself picking up old school books and reading them for enjoyment for the first time because im not being forced to do it. I can set my own agenda. If I read every book again ill probably learn more from it than I did while I was in college.
  13. You're my hero.

    Natural curiosity, instead of being forced, is a much easier learning method. :D
  14. Colleges are businesses. (that needs a spell check)
    College is all about working to collect titles that say you are smarter in order to get a better job.
    Its up to you whether or not you retain this information.

    But to say that an institution of learning makes you dumber is ridiculous.

    For the record, tuition and the price of text books are complete horse shit. It costs you thousands of dollars for them to put you in a computer and allow you to sit in a room listening to people talk.
  15. lol, you're right. Sometimes I miss a letter when I'm drunk, stoned, and rambling. ;)

  16. Exactly. What I wrote looks weird now, I was kinda stoned, but the general idea is I will be my own boss. I need to be. I am a free spirit, and im too out there (wont say creative, but i have spurts) to stay in the system all the time. I hate the serious pricks that run this country. I hate the 40 hour a week, barely getting by job...100k a year isn't going to be considered a good salary for much longer...Anyways I dont mean to hate, im just saying its not for least I dont think, im not dropping out yet...ive learn ALOT at college, but i think its just helping me see how to establish myself as my own boss. Become an philosophy classes have opened my eyes to a lot of stuff...along w/ my weed smoking...and my music listening. Anyways still babbling...listening to this british rapper named kano, interesting...but ya im stayin in for now but i feel like this time next year i might be somewhere different.

    I've also always had a little hidden "fuck the establishment" in me, and i think the best, most logical way to fight it is to make money independently...and of course give some back to the people.
  17. The thing about institutionalized learning is that it tends to teach kids to imitate and memorize...

    It's also very competitive in the US.

    Teachers are mandated what to teach and not how to teach...

    they aren't paid enough...

    schools aren't funded right...

    books we use are crappy and expensive. Classes are too textbook oriented.

    shit. but like 25% of the population have BAs now...haha.
  18. The US has a laid back school system compared to japan's or china's. Imagine going to school from 6-4 (i think thats right) 6 days a week, all year round for your entire childhood.
    Not only that, but you have to compete with hundreds of millions of other asian kids at the same time. Whenever foreigners came to the US and attended my old high school, they worked their asses off and beat out every other kid with relative ease. I guess im rambling... i dont want to derail this thread.
  19. The way I see it everyone is simply working for money. When kids start out in first grade their parents reqard them for the good grades to get them to get the grades. Then later in like high school kids work for grades so that they can get into a good college. They want a good college so taht they can get taht good job. They want that good job so that they can get a good paycheck. And that's it, most people go to school just so they can make money later.

    I'd much rather have a job doing something I enjoy than one of those high paying jobs that you have to go to college for. If Handing out smiley faced stickers to little kids made me happy I would be at Wal Mart doing that right now, but I am going to school for something I really want to do...and not because of the money.
  20. You know it's funny. People think that going to college limit's their options. I'm going to college to expand my options. A person can do more with a Bachelor's degree today (and even more with a master's) than someone with just a high school degree. My ultimate goal is to create my own business. With the skills that I'm learning as a business major now, I believe that as of right now I'd be better off handling a business than I would've been with only a high school education. Personally, using what I've learned in Economics I and II, I've made more money in 6 months with the stock market, than I did using the same amount of starting money in high school. I wonder what's changed since then.

    Then I look at my parents. Both of whom wouldn't have the same lifestyle they enjoy without college (and with my Dad, the Army). More than enough to provide for my sister and I. I want to be able to do the same for my future kids (way in the future). The job market is only going to get tougher. I don't want to be left outside holding my cock watching the world pass me by. (Not to mention better job=more money=more weed. :smoke: )

    Forgive my rambling if it doesn't make sense... I just had a few good bong hits.

    -Antwan L.

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