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  1. What up GC,

    It's been awhile... I was an active member in 2009-2010 under a different screen name and I have to give it to this site for gettin me on my way to a successful gardener. This is my last semester in College, and thought that I would get another journal going, maybe help some, show off some of my work, as well as learn even more!

    So here is the back story to the current grow...

    I moved recently so we had to of course take our ladies with us, and yes they were exactly half way through flower.

    So after that hassle was taken care of we finished out the 7 plants we had. 4 Shiva Skunks, and 3 random bagseeds. Little did we know, that the only known strain we had (Shiva Skunk) turned hermie about 2 weeks before we intended to chop it. To minimalize risk for cross-pollination with the other female plants we had to cut them down.

    That left us with 3 bagseed plants. 2 of which were from headies here in Colorado, the other was from a random seed I brought when I moved from Idaho 3 years ago.

    We introduced 3 more plants into the flower room from our Veg closet, these were clones we obtained locally from friends who are also growers. We have 2 Golden Goats, and 1 Island Sweet Skunk. As of today they have shown signs of flower for 2 1/2 weeks.

    After introducing the new ladies we began to harvest 2 of our remaining plants. One is Blueberry that I found in one of my satchels in Denver. The other was the rando bag seed from Idaho. This however happened to turn out very well, it is some fire, so much so I choose to keep the strain alive from clones I have taken, currently in the 3rd generation.

    The other Colorado bagseed is still flowering and will be cut this week, we also took a few clones from this plant and it is in its 3rd Generation as well.

    The following post will be an introduction to the set up and whats to come...

    1) Moving is a b*tch!
    2) Last Crop w/ Shiva Skunks
    3) Blueberry Bagseed
    4) Idaho Bagseed
    5) Mystery Colorado Bagseed

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  2. Alright here is where we are at currently...

    Like I mentioned before we have 3 plants about 2 1/2 weeks into flower. When we put them into flower we did 3 applications of Bud Blood and I'm very pleased that we did.

    In the veg closet we have two levels, a lower one for the larger vegging plants, the next shelf on top contains our clones that we have taken and our new generation of seeds. We have 3 Thai/Thai youngins that are supposedly the OG landrace variety so it should be interesting to see what happens. Another seedling we have is Pinklady X Kali Lights. All 4 seem to be very happy.

    The two on the lower level is clones that I took from our Unknown Colorado Strain and our Idaho Strain, both have proved to be very potent. They will be moved down to the flower dungeon in the next couple of weeks.

    1) Outside the Veg Closet
    2) Upper Level in the Veg Closet, Clones and Seedlings
    3) Lower Level in the Veg Closet, Idaho Bean and Colorado Mystery Bean
    4) The Dungeon door closed
    5) The Dungeon door open

    Please give me a little feedback yall, I'd like to keep this journal going. :smoke:

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  3. I tried to post the second set of pictures but nothing happened so here's another try.

    For this journal I will follow the 2 Bagseeds and the seedlings I got from a local grower's seed stash. 3 Thai X Thai, and 1 Pinklady X Kali Lights, as well as my clones of ISS.

    Please keep posted, any insight is appreciated :hello:

    1) Outside of Veg Closet
    2) Upper Shelf of Veg Closet (Clones and Seedlings)
    3) Lower Shelf of Veg Closet (Idaho Bagseed and the Mystery Colorado Bean)
    4) Doorway to the Dungeon closed
    5) Doorway to the Dungeon opened

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  4. I see you got the right idea:) and fully understand why you moved to that location:smoke:

    cant wait:devious: to see the digs.
  5. Hey man I appreciate it, and yes it is a good spot. Hah all in the comfort of my bedroom. Gotta love it

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