College Basketball - Who's your team?

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by SmokinBroccoli, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. Who do you guys cheer for in college basketball? Also tell how you think your team will do this year.

    I'm a Pitt Alumni I just graduated last December and I'm pretty excited about the upcoming season. Pitt is ranked top 10 in the preseason polls and for good reasons. We've got some serious weapons. Problem is so do some other Big East teams this year. Big East is LOADED. We're Sweet 16 bound this year at the least.
  2. Washington State baby! sweet 16 last year!

    We might even play Pitt in the legends classic this year if both teams get that far.
  3. Yeah man Washington State is a respectable school for the hoops. Just out of curiosity I already knew you guys weren't in the top25 preseason but I wanted to see if you got any votes to be in and you got 1 vote. Does not sound like much but there are almost 300 teams who would love to have a vote lol.

  4. haha ya it's a rebuilding year this year with our big 3 seniors leaving (Weaver,Low, and Cowgill). We have the youngest team in D-1 but knowing the magic that Tony Bennett can do we'll be back to the top tier of the pac-10 once again. We got 11 votes in the AP poll too :D
  5. villanova.

    im a little disappointed with our preseason ranking of 25, considering that we made it to the sweet sixteen last year only to lose to the eventual nation champs, kansas, and were returning all of our starters and sophomores corey stokes and corey fisher looked extremely impressive last year and are only going to get better.

    im sooooo stoked for college hoops this year, winter is most definitely the best sports season.
  6. yo i'm a big ten fan i love michigan but its gonna be a couple years before you see them in the tournament, beileins gotta get some of his players in there

    one team i would watch for is Purdue, they will probably win the big ten and make a big tournament run, honestly i'm thinking elite eight or final four. yeah, they're that good.

    and to the pitt alum it sucks mike cook couldnt play this year otherwise you guys definitely would have had a good shot at the final four.
  7. Wisconsin, mang! Sweet 16 last year but we graduated some good players so we're gonna be young this year. I'm predicting a little bit of a down year, mostly due to inexperience. But we've got Bo and Bo knows how to fuckin coach a basketball team so I know we'll atleast make the tourney. But by far Perdue is gonna win the conference, no doubt.
  8. Spartans baby. #7 in preseason polls and only getting better. We got good freshies, Kalin Lucas is going to be a star and we still have Tom Izzo. Big Ten Champs babyyy

  9. UNC iz the shiznit dog, but u cant even spell there name right? cmon playa!!
    its Heels LOL

    is drew nitzel still around? MSU is solid but i cant see them going past the elite 8...i say they get bounced in the sweet 16 this year.
  10. Neitzel had one good year, which objectively was a lucky year. When he started getting attention he choked. Lucas will be much better than Neitzel. I hope we get far into the tourney, the Big Ten is pretty weak
  11. The only college I ever wanted to attend was the University of California Los Angeles for several reasons, one - my father graduated with a degree in English in 1974. Two - I practically grew up on campus, my mom worked there from 1972 to 1980. Three - I grew up watching UCLA Basketball in the Wooden years and continued to follow the Bruins as I grew.

    I graduated in 2006 from UCLA with a degree in English at age 36.

    I root for the UCLA Bruins and NO ONE else. I'm a bit disapointed that they are only ranked #4 to start the season, but hey, Darren Collison is a 2 time Preseason All-American, and that doesn't suck.

    GO Bruins!
  12. You guys had one of the easiest schedules to the sweet 16 IMO. Clemson sucked. Don't want to take anything away from your team though. It was a nice season for ya. Should be an exciting one this year. GL
  13. Yeah it sucks that mike couldn't play. I'm going to an exhibition game today at the Peterson events center and there is an alumni game before hand starting at 11 am. Mike Cook will be playing in it. Dude should be playing for our team, not in the damn alumni game. Makes me mad!
  14. GL this year I think Wisconsin fill fare OK. I LOVE PURDUE this year for some reason. I'm a sports better and they are one of the few teams I'm placing a preseason bet on to win the championship. My 20 dollar bet is paying out 600. I think they have a shot. Very well rounded team.
  15. Scary team for me. Hell they knocked us out of the tourny last year. I had a bad feeling when I saw our bracket. I knew where Pitt might go out and sure enough...

    I hope we run into you guys again soon!

    GL this year
  16. You've sure got a hell of a coach. I'll give you that!
  17. Terps Alum here. we're gonna suck. just the truth. especially in the acc which is gonna be sick this year.
  18. IU but sadly we are rebuilding to former glory. But in the mean time I can at least hang my hat on my number 2 Notre Dame.
  19. boo

    st. joes! :hello:

    the hawk will never die my friend, plus all the games at the palestra this year ... thats gonna rock.

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