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College and Pipes

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Zburg420, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Hello everyone! This is my first post on this wonderful forum!!! I am going to college in Wisconsin next yeas and was wondering what pieces I should take to smoke out of. Over the years I have bit a collection including: two bubblers, two bowls, a dugout, and a 10in bong. I plan to smoke everyday after I finish my work as a reward. My parents don't really approve of smoking so I would not leave a lot of my stuff at home so what should you recommend I take with me? Any input would be appreciated thanks.
  2. Just a small piece is kool

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  3. Good quality portable vape and a few packs of papers.
  4. So would you say just bring one piece and leave the rest home??
  5. I would take dugout, 1 pipe and 1 bubbler

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  6. Take your favorite pieces. Just dont break them on your way
  7. Ok thanks for the replies do you think it would be bad to take my bong?
  8. I have a two footer in my dorm lmao i think youre alright just be sure your not leaving it out in the open, some RA's can be dicks....

    Pertaining to the op, I wouldnt recommend taking more than one or two pieces (youll see many of your classmates) and be sure to hide whatever you leave behind VERY well

    By any means necessary
  9. A bowl, dugout and bong. The bowl is for when you and maybe a friend or two want to smoke outside. The dugout is for during the day when you need to get a quick sesh in. I toke before class, it helps me concentrate and get more interested. And then the bong is for when your roommates and suite mates (or your roomies friends) all want to get fucked
  10. You could bring it all, lay on the down low till you find some off campus friends then leave your stuff with them, that's what I did and what freshman did with me once I moved off campus.
  11. Aha yup, would take the long way to class and use my cig looking one hitter to get a lil toasty before class on the walk
  12. haha nice
  13. from personal experience, I would say bring both bowls, and at least one bubbler. The bong maybe leave at home until you have friends with houses off campus. 
  14. I'd say bring one of each or just a bubbler and a pipe but the bong would be nice if you have somewhere to put it.

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  15. I would leave the bong at home for now, you never know, you could have a dick ra or a dorm with literally no where to put something that big, it would only be until like thanksgiving right?whats that three months?

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  16. A bong would make you the man but they're more difficult to hide. I'd take a bubbler.

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