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college and medical marijuana???

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by lilphilog, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. hi i'm planning on going to college at the college of redwoods in eureka california then after that transfer to UCSB ,i wanna know how it is at the college of redwoods with smoking medical marijuana and how it is if you have a medical marijuana card and going to college and smoking , do any of you guys go to college in california and how are you guys doing with smoking marijuana and living in dorms how does that work out???
  2. sup dude. im from the bay area, last year (freshman year in college, first year after high school) i lived on campus at CSUS. I didn't have my card at that point, but I lived in the dorms and I smoked like every day in my room with my bong... people were always comin in and out also. I was smart though, its possible to get caught. I did know a kid who had his card while living in the dorms. Although he wasnt as easy-going as me about smoking in the dorms, having ur card while living in the dorms is a HUGE advantage. you have a constant hookup, which is invaluable in a dorm environment where most dealers are trying to rip people off :p

    Worst case scenario is you wouldnt be able to smoke in your dorms or on campus, so you just go off-campus to smoke. Not that bad.

  3. oh o.k that sounds cool what if the staff in the on campus housing smells marijuana on you can they do something about it ? , and another for you since you are in college if is possible to get loans to pay for an apartment for a certain time period like a full two years etc.. ?
  4. What's up dude, I'm also a fellow California college student with my medical marijuana card. Like the dude above said, in the dorms and on campus your medical card will not matter and they will not accept it as there are laws specifically about medical marijuana and school campuses.

    Although that's true, I too smoked in my dorms on the daily, as did a few of my other roommates, but we kept it concealed, smoked in the bathroom with the shower on or sometimes in a room with the door closed blowing smoke out the window (not nearly as effective).

    I've never had an issue with any staff smelling anything on me whether it be marijuana or anything else, but even in that case I'm not sure what they can/will do but I don't think they can really do much about it.

    And yes, you can get loans over years. People take advantage of loans to make it through years of schooling, my roommates are on their second year and still using loans to pay for our house rent and bills etc...

  5. cool thats wuzzup, thanks for the advice guys
  6. One guy that lived on my brothers dorm floor at CSU Chico got kicked out of the dorms for having weed, even though he had his card. They had no tolerance i guess.
  7. do you guys know anybody that went to college of redwoods or UCSB?
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  9. uc santa barbara? i heard its sick

  10. lol what u mean by sick?
  11. i heard its cool

  12. yup im a college student and this is how i get away with gettin high in my dorm room. highly reccomend it.
  13. I toured Redwoods and talked to the basketball coach there, you better god hope you have a car to spend weekends getting the fuck out of Eureka. And yes, transfer quickly.

    As far as MMJ, get a card, drive out and go make large purchases in LA, it'll be worth it.

    Smoking in your room, either vape, or...

    Get one of those paper towel cardboard holders, put air filters in them, close the window just enough to stick the "tuber" in between the window and frame, and you have yourself a weed chimney.
  14. Hey man, I live in Isla Vista right now, attending the City college but possibly gonna transfer to UCSB in a couple years. Smoking policy is the same at UCSB as everywhere else. Having a card doesn't really help you in any way under school policy. Despite this I have smoked all around the UC campus and reguraly see others doing the same.
  15. yeah campuses are pretty big and there's usually a large grassy area you could walk through while burnin a J and people probably wouldnt notice. or just climb a tree!

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