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Discussion in 'General' started by wheezer, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. OMGWTFBBQ another "what..." thread! I know. But this one I'm actually curious about.

    I know a lot of our members are students and I'm just curious, what are you going to school for? What degree/certification are you trying to obtain? What career are you after?
  2. Im going to legally sell drugs, mostly to old people.
  3. so what exactly do you consider old?
  4. Around 60 years. :wave:
  5. Just started college. Plan on being a Registered nurse and getting my Masters!
  6. I have a B.S. in neurobiology, and a B.A. in Middle East studies- Hebrew, and I'm currently working toward my masters in applied neurobiology.

    I hope to be able to work in a lab, eventually, formulating naturalistic psychiatric medications. I say hope because that all depends on how drug policy in the US changes over the next 10 years.
  7. Started college this fall. Going for an associate degree in computer science and information technology.
  8. love college.
  9. i'm in CS too. looking to get a career in security (i work for a bank over the summers, so maybe there) or software engineering. video game design would be awesome :D
  10. Jr. Year at Embry Riddle, in Daytona Beach. I'm studying Mechanical Engineering. Alot of work, but its worth it.
  11. Me too, except I'm a civil engineering major and go to a different university.
  12. i'm a sophomore and i have absolutely no idea what i'm doing
  13. Sophmore year at school, major in Computer Engineering, minor in Psychology.

    Don't really know what I want to do professionally, I'm toying with the idea of going to law school.
  14. sociology here at rutgers. no idea what im doing with it though... i want to try and pick up another major to increase my chance of actually getting hired.. just dont know what yet
  15. Freshman at UWO...

    Don't really know yet, but I was leaning towards getting my Masters in Journalism. But shit. It would be nice, and I'm gonna have to work my ass off.

  16. Yeah be careful with journalism. Obviously a lot of newspapers are struggling. My sister has a bachelors in journalism. She works at a pretty decent newspaper. She is really talented though, they fired most of her coworkers and gave her a raise when all the newspapers started having money problems.

    I'm sure if you have a masters you will definitely be able to find work though.
  17. Yee for civil engineers! I'm a second year CEE major but i plan on switching to Community and Regional development, basically because of an incident that happened with my school's college of engineering. Ha but now i can get high all day and still make a ton of money :p

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