college advice - change of major?

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  1. so i just finished my junior year of college and am about to spend the next two months of summer doing clinical training as a respiratory therapy student. Despite me not having a summer, sounds good right? Good job, decent pay...blah blah.

    I want to be happy in life. Working as an RT will morst likely drain me of energy, keep me stressed at work, and all in all, its not a pleasent job. I'm a carefree person, and it takes a lot to piss me off, so I think working in such an environment will not be the best thing for me.

    I do enjoy helping people..but elderly folks who look like they're dead already? Suctioning mucus from their lungs? Idk man. I'd rather be a starving artist.

    I'm tempted to change my major to something else that is a bit more broad and I will have more options as a career...I know my parent's will not like the idea of me staying in school another semester or two, but in the end, if it makes my life better, then I should do it right?
  2. If your not happy, then change something. If you don't like your career path, find something you do enjoy. My uncle changed his major like half a dozen times and still ended up with an amazing job and paid off his loans in just a few years.
  3. why'd you wait til junior year lol?
    and i can understand where you coming from, i'm about to be a freshman in college and i don't have any major ideas yet
  4. hey man u should do what makes u happy u spent like 1/3 of your life working so your going to want to enjoy it or else you will be misserable but idk do what ever u want
  5. For any situation my advice is always: Do whatever you want and fuck everyone else.

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