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    reminds me of reading about members of the "spiritual" comunity from various south american nations, the natives, not the spaniards, on a trip to visit US gov officials, and what did they do? they gave them a hug and a smile. this was a really big out there idea in practice to me as i was in a particularly resentful place at the time and my reaction would probably have been to shout and spit at them in anger over their actions... and that would be counter productive. sending the light of love into any situation works wonders... as does a simple smile.

  2. Potent! Your thoughts are very positive and powerful, thank you very much for your compassion.

    As plentiful as the grass that grows,
    Or the sand on the shore,
    Or the dew on the leaf,
    So the blessings of the King of Grace
    On every soul that was, that is, or will be.

    ~Traditional Irish blessing~

    Stay green!

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