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collection of stems.. what to do??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by highdays420, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. well after maybe a few 1/2 o's i have collected all my stems, there isn't many as my weed isn't packed with them but i probably have maybe 20 stems, i want to smoke them as i have been saving them for when i finally run dry. I don't want to make tea, as i have before and i only caught a sliight buzz and it felt like a waste. what should i do? 

  2. either throw in your next batch of bho or edibles or grind and smoke.
  3. Smoking stems gives me a bad headache 
  4. Fuck smoking stems IMO

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  5. Burn them

  6. You can cut them up finely with scissors and throw them in a joint. Isn't the best taste but isn't too bad and will get you high.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. dont smoke stems

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  9. High isnt worth the head ache

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  10. Do not smoke your stems. Freeze them and put them in a food processor, run that for like 30-40 seconds and in the top you will have tons of keif. Smoke that. Oh and don't forget to cover any openenigs, mine has an opening at the top to put things in while you run it, I cover that with a used gift card, it will pile up in the top on the card

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  11. Either make some QWISO IF you have enough stems. Or get some REAL GOOD QUALITY Alcohol and let them sit in that for a couple weeks.
  12. well i ground them up and chucked in a peice of resin i had, topped with keif. and got super super ripped
  13. Damn...I wouldn't smoke stems.  Isn;t it prety much like smoking wood?
  14. Never smoke them I had a shit ton one time grinded it up & smoked them thinking it was a good idea, it was the harshest grossest bowl I ever smoked I almost threw up. Had a massive ass headache and it left my bubbler tasting like shit. Not worth it :wacko:

    Who Dat!
    yeah, its like the smoke is denser than flower smoke.
    and reminds me of standing over a fire.
  16. thats odd, i smoked after a 2 day tol break, maybe it was because i mixed with keif and ressin

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