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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by damntheman, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. Hey everybody,
    im really new the growing game and i was wondering, what do i do to the bud after i harvest it? Preparation and such... u kno....actually, just tell me exactly what to do, even harvesting tips because i have never done it before. When harvesting, i just harvest the leaves, right? i KNOW i sound like i a damn moron, but im knew, gimme a break. thanks alot.
  2. There are various methods to harvest cannabis. Some people cut the whole plant down, then hang it up to dry. Others break the largest leaves off several days before harvest, so there will be less waste. Hanging the plants, or the tops, upside down has no effect on the THC content in the tops. The resin doesn't flow. What's important with cannabis is the even drying of the THC - containing parts of the plant. What's also important is patience. Generally, drying goes quicker if you remove the stems which contain the most moisture. Using a microwave, or an ordinary oven, a hair dryer, or a fan does make drying faster, but usually also causes a (much) sharper taste. Even drying in air prevents as much as possible the loss of THC, and produces evenly dried buds with a soft taste. Controlling the climate also remains important after the harvest. Many harvests have been lost due to spider mites and mould. For the THC glands so important to us, light, heat, and friction are the most important things to avoid. Once dried, marijuana can best be kept air-tight in a reasonably cool, dark place.
  3. is caused by clorofill still in the plant. even after a plant is cut down it still goes on using the clorofill in it. if u dry it to quick then lots remain, if u dry it slow then most gets used up.

    speed of dryin makes no or little odds to the strenth of a plant but a lot to the taste. if u want a taste of wot ur plant will b like when its had a slow dry (taking over a week) then soak some of ur plant in water over nite to leach out the clorofill, the water will turn green, then u can dry ur plant much faster and still have a good tasting smoke. u cud soak over nite then dry in a day just to get a taste of wot ur smoke will b like but nothing is as good as a slow dry.

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