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Discussion in 'General' started by KiefChief420, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. I have this x strain and it is strait fucking fire. totally caked with trichomes very good genetics. Its a strong indica that the grower bred himself.

    Is this seed worth anything? If not I'm going to grow a plant my self. I have many other seeds that I have collected over the passed year and am going to start planting them in the communal greenhouse. It is regularly watered electronically and its gets a lot of sun great soil, and its all organic. I am thinking that I will go in every week or so then check on it more when It starts budding. How ever I would plant other crop to make it look like I am tending other veggies. The guys who look over the green house are stoners and I had a job last year for checking the plants and making sure everything was good.
  2. the thread title misled me...
  3. Oh yeah I forgot to ask. What do you guys generally do with the seeds you find?
  4. My friend who is taking some plant biology course planted a few seeds in the BIO greenhouse its a top notch grow space for sure. We will see what happens:D
  5. I put them in the freezer. I can't seem to remember why though.

  6. I would guess that the seed would go into some type of dormancy because of the cold conditions, tricking it into thinking its winter or to cold for the seed to start sprouting.
  7. I came up with the same conclusion myself. I tend to fuck up my wording when I'm lit and end up sounding dumb so I avoided an explanation all together.

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