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Collected resin

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sallycanwait, May 14, 2010.

  1. Hey all, so my new smoking habits center around my wondrous magic flight launch box. Last night, I decided to clean the drawing stem because it was no longer clear plastic- it was a deep auburn coated tube. I figured I'd clean it, so I doused it in 91% alcohol and shook it around till it all loosened up, and in no time it was clean. anyway... i've never attempted making hash or anything of the sort, but I decided to scrape off the resin that was left behind from the evaporated alcohol and am left with a little ball of resin that looks like a larger sized nerd (the candy). What should I do with it? Can I put it in my MFLB?

  2. LOL. You just smoke it how you would normally, on blades, in your bong/pipe, even in joints once heated/melted.
  3. throw it away!!!! its TAR and not resin!!! resin is what is on the marijuana plant BEFORE its smoked. the black stuff in pipes is TAR. it very bad for your health if u smoke it
  4. Is it really tar? It's from a portable vaporizer. nothing is black- the "resin" I have collected is a dark brown, sticky ball. Not even the weed is black when it's vaped. also, my friend scrapes resin from bowls and pipes and smokes what he collects. I can't imagine what I have collected is any worse. I only ask because I've never smoked hash or resin or anything other than just weed. So I am unaware of concentrations and how much I should smoke, if i even should.
  5. vaporizers dont make tar, thats untrue, that shit is vaporized thc, smoke it up, people do that shit all the time, its safe, ive done it..... Just make sure all the iso is evaporated
  6. It's known as resin. People who say it's tar are just trying to be health freaks.

    If you smoke in the first place, it's very bad for your health so who gives a fuck if your smoking "tar" every once in a while.

    It will get you high. Thats the whole point. It will taste like ass and it will be bad for your lungs but it won't kill you.

    I just say smoke it straight :smoking:

  7. man its from a vape, not a pipe. there was no smoke to leave any residue....its vape goop
  8. oh i see, i thought it was from a pipe. scraping a vap would have some thc in it.

    the black stuff in pipes that clogs pipes is Tar though. it should never be scraped and smoked

  9. what!? smoking tar is disgusting! it has little to no THC in it. i bet you drink the bong water too, dont you.
  10. you can defs smoke the resin from a pipe, by technicality, its not even tar, nor do cigarettes produce tar, its the residue of smoke, it looks like tar, but tar, is modified resin produced from the wood and root of pine via destructive distillation, i dont think smoking does that shit at all
  11. Thanks everyone. So smoke it on its on or should I put some fresh weed in with it?
  12. OP you should try "going native" with your MFLB. don't even use the stem it's only slightly warmer but I think it makes for a much better draw.
  13. Sorry to bump, but it's on the second page already!! I just want someone to answer me real quick and i'll rest in peace... How strong is the resin compared to plain weed? the amount of resin I collected is about half the size of a pea, maybe even smaller. Should I vape it just by itself or throw in some weed as well?

    also, is what i made qwiso hash?

    thanks everyone.
  14. You didn't make qwiso that is done with buds what you have is known as wand hash. You just collected the vapor that condensed on the stem. It's a pretty good high if you have enough of it and yes more potent than weed because it's just pure thc with a little bit of dried plant matter from your weed but pound for pound it's much much much more potent. If you really want to collect the wand hash look into a whip based vaporizer like the dabuddah or the silver surfer.
  15. hahaha the first time i smoked some wand hash i was trippin at my friends house, there are usually like 10 people there at any given time doing what not, and our other friend, not tripping, was washin out the wand... I was skeptica due to the acid, but he loaded up a fatty bong bowl, and a huge layer of the wand hash, it fucking ruined everyone. The 4 of us tripping and him smoked it and he was just retarded high, and it sent us 4 spunions out of our minds, if you can get more out of a mind then being out of it already.....

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